Is Jamie Dornan Famous Enough on Social Media that Make Other Hollywood Star Jealous

As the saying goes, you will feel sad when your friends fail but you will feel sadder when your friend tops. And you will start getting jealous. A Northern Ireland actor and model, Jamie Dornan whose net worth is around $3.25 million is famous for the role of Christian Grey in the movie series Fifty Shades franchise had some of the close ones who really got jealous of him.


Getting jealous of someone’s success is human nature. Every one of us gets jealous of someone in our life. Don’t we? Let's know who is the Hollywood star who really got Jealous of Jamie Dornan? Stay on this page to know everything about the jealousy.

Jealousy in the Hollywood

Being such a famous person in Hollywood, many get jealous by seeing the profound personality of Jamie. If we view him on his social media platform, we can see numerous pictures in which he looks really sexy and dashing.

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CAPTION: Jamie Dornan Instagram Picture SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Jamie Dornan Instagram Picture SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Jamie Dornan Instagram Picture SOURCE: Instagram

By looking at all this, even we will get jealous but they are colleagues cum competitors. Hence, they are bound to get jealous. Recently, Fifty Shades star, Jamie also revealed one of his close friends Eddie Redmayne got jealous of him. Being a close friend and previous roommate, what could Eddie possibly be jealous of? Was it Jamie’s good looking personality or his shredded physique?

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CAPTION: Jamie Dornan and his friend Eddie Redmayne SOURCE:

Well to reveal the truth, it was more personal than what many would ever think of. The Oscar-winning actor, Eddie finally lost his cool when a courier with 25 scripts was sent to Jamie and he didn’t receive a single sheet of paper.

Jealous Wife can't watch her Husband's Shades

After being an actor one has to play the role as per the requirement of the script. Being an actor, Jamie has played many roles in which he has steamy scenes. Seeing such a scene would obviously be unenjoyable to watch as a wife. Such a thing happened to Jamie. We all know he is a married man with the wife, Amelia Warner.  

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CAPTION: Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner at the premiere of Fifty  Shade of Grey SOURCE: Daily Mail

Jamie’s wife, Amelia was by his side at the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey but Jamie said she doesn’t want to watch him in action as she gets jealous at such moments.

While giving the interview with the US magazine, he said, although his wife supports him in his work, she doesn’t want to watch it. He also added that he also won’t be able to sit there during such scenes.

Well, getting jealous and being happy for one’s success is a different thing. Whatever other people think of him, Jamie has been giving the Hollywood Industry his all.