Is Erin Johnson Single after Dating James Franco? What's her Relationship Status in 2017

The Pineexpress Star, James Franco often hits the news with his on and off relationship with c0-stars, singers, and models. The actor has an amazing career and has won the heart of millions of people. Apart from his acting career, people are really eager to know about his love affairs and relationship.

Back in 2014, James Franco dated a blonde. It took no time for the news to spread when he was spotted with the beautiful girl. Everyone got eager and the mystery girl was Erin Jhonson. So what's their relationship status in 2017?

Erin Jhonson and James Franco in 2017

Franco, fans kept on asking questions when the actor was spotted with a mysterious blonde in Los Angeles back in 2014. After being rumored with Games of Thrones Emilia Clarke, James again got his name linked with a model Erin Jhonson.

James mysterious woman got revealed and the internet went crazy after that. Lots of people kept on searching about the blonde and finally found that she is a professional model.

James Franco and Erin Jhonson, Source:  E! Online

Eric Jhonson is 30 years old model and has modeled on several runways and in campaigns. Apart from this Jhonson appeared in lots of music videos including in Blake Shelton and Pitbull's music video.

Erin, shared a few pictures from her Instagram with James Franco with a caption The love of my life n the flesh.

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James Franco and Erin Jhonson, Source: E! Online

 Los Angeles based Model, Erin got her heart stuck on James Franco but this relationship faded away as the day passes by.

There was definitely something between them, but it didn't last long. Franco moved on and was seen cozying up to another mystery girl with his arms around her.

In another hand, Erin maintained her low-key life. After getting her name linked with James, Jhonson stays away from the media. So was their relationship just a fling?

May be they broke up as there no any Instagram post of James Franco on Jhonson Instagram.

Erin Jhonson dates in 2017

The 30-year-old model made a quick fame back in 2014 when she got in a relationship with Franco. After that this beauty personal life have been completely under the radar.

There are not much of information on Erin, however after hours of surfing the internet and all the facts we collected proves that Erin is in a relationship with a hunk.

If we take a quick look at her Instagram, there are e not much of her post. But in some of them, you can see her getting cozy and kissing a mystery man.

According to the inside source, Erin and this mystery guy have been together for almost two years.

However, the identity of her new boyfriend is still behind the curtain.

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