Is Bill Murray a Rich Celebrity? Know his Net Worth, Sources of Income, House, Cars Collection, and Brands

67 years old American actor, comedian, and writer William James Murray, widely known as Bill Murray is one of the richest celebrities today. Bill owns a huge amount of net worth and is estimated to be in hundred million.


Comedian Bill Murray is said to earn a huge amount of money through his acting career. Murray owns two separate houses in two different places which strengthen the net worth and property of Muray. Let us know more about wealthy celebrity Bill Murray's net worth, house, cars collection, and properties.

Rich Celebrity Bill Murray's Net Worth

As we all know, Murray has appeared in many movies in Hollywood. He had and have a successful career in acting business, which made him earn a lot of wealth personally through movies. Bill Murray's net worth from his movie career is estimated to be $140 million.

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CAPTION: Comedian, Actor Bill Murray SOURCE: 99.9 The Point

Murray earned $48.5 million only from the movie The Jungle Book. Likewise, he made $12.5 million from the movie Ghostbuster part I and part II. Similarly, he earned $6.3 million from the movie Garfield

Despite Movie career, Murray also owns a restaurant partnering with his brothers, Murray Bros, located near St. Augustine, Florida. He is also a part owner of independent Baseball team St. Paul Saints. Besides St. Paul Saint he has also invested in many other league clubs which helps building up his wealth.

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Murray is also seen marketing The Downpour Jacket sharing a photo via his personal Instagram. He also requests his fans to check out the blazer.

CAPTION: Murray Marketing The Downpour Jacket SOURCE: Instagram

Bill is actively marketing his Brand Bell-Bottoms and Beta Brand through his personal social accounts. He is often seen sharing his brand's pictures.

Bill Murray's Houses and Cars Collection

Bill Murray owns a huge mansion in Palisades, New York. The price of his mansion is estimated to be $5 million which was built in an area of 19,637 sq ft. 

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CAPTION: Bird's eye view of Bill's house SOURCE: Maps.Google

The huge mansion is rumored to be in a sale as it is also said that the house does not really belong to Bill.

Murray also owns another beautiful house in Wilmette, the house where Bill Murray grew up and spend his childhood.

Bill Murray owns a beautiful vintage Maserati sports car. Bill looks to have a classic choice when it comes to choosing cars.

CAPTION: Bill Murray's Maserati car SOURCE: Maserati

Bill also drives many other cars but the information about the different cars is yet a secret.