The Rich Celebrity, Dominick Brascia Has the Huge Net Worth; find out his career and Achievements

HitBerryPublished on   26 Nov, 2017Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

Dominick Brascia the famous actor and director who is best known for Friday the 13th; A New Begining(1985), Evil laugh(1986) and My life as a troll(2001) etc has a great success in his field.

Beside Dominick Brascia's successful career his Net worth is also most talked about nowadays. And today, we are going to talk about his success story including his net worth and source of income. Keep scrolling.

Dominick Brascia's Net Worth

Dominick Brascia net worth is unexpectedly lesser, given his involvement in a number of movies. You would not believe his net worth is $3 million.

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The sixty years old man has starred in many Hollywood movies in 1980's and in recent years he is more involved in radio.

Dominick Brascia's  career and achievements

The man is known to be multiple talents. Dominick Brascia found out his talents in different fields over his entire career.His well-known role is in the horror film Friday the 13th and another remarkable performance of Dominick Brascia was in 1994 film National Lampoon's Last Resort.

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He also directed a horror film titled Evi Laugh in 1988 and was completed within a few days. In 1990's Dominick Brascia worked in the radio in Las Vegas, Nevada on the AM station 840 KXNT which was popular among the audiences.But he was replaced by someone else.

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He continued doing radio in shows after he moved to Denver.Then he became the Program Director and the hosts of the morning show at News Radio Fox in Beaumont, Texas.

Some Facts about Dominick Brascia

Dominick Brascia's feature film Evil Laugh American which is a comedy horror film directed and starring by Dominick Brascia, and co-starring Myles O'Brien, Jerold Pearson, and Kim McKamy was shot just in 1 week.

He had a female fan name her after one of his characters.

Dominick Brascia became a radio personality at AM 1150 KNRC Denver on July 2003.

He hosts the afternoon radio talk show at WERC 960AM Birmingham, Alabama from May 2008 to April 2009.

Dominick Brascia is also a former co-producer of 'The Armstrong and Getty Show' 650 KSTE, Sacramento, CA in 2012.

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Mini Bio

Dominick Brascia was born on May 29,1956, in the United States of America.He is of American nationality and white American ethnicity.His parents were Ann Brascia and Dom Brascia.

Dominick was dragged into controversy when he was alleged of sexually abusing late actor Corey Haim in the '80s when he was a child star'. There were rumors that the major celebrity was involved in the scandal of harassment but he totally rejected any such of claims.