Actress Vanessa Ferlito blessed with a son! Who is the father? Know her Past Affairs and Relationship

RossPublished on   20 Feb, 2018Updated on   20 Feb, 2018

Vanessa Ferlito, one of the greatest American actress best known for her roles in CSI: NY, has been successful in her professional life. But how is she doing in her personal life? Is Vanessa Ferlito married or dating someone? Or is she still single? Is she a MOM?


As we all know that Ferlito is quite secretive regarding her personal life and it has made people confused plus curious to know about her current relationship status. Keep on scrolling down to know everything about Vanessa Ferlito right below:

Is Vanessa Ferlito Married? Blessed with a Child?

Vanessa Ferlito is currently possibly single, but the strange thing is that back in April 2007, she was spotted in completely different appearance with a big belly. This made people wonder who the father of the child is! The baby boy was born in September and is currently nine years of age.

[ CAPTION: Vanessa Ferlito with her son ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Till date, Vanessa has not disclosed who the father of the child is. But she is often spotted having a good time with her son. Vanessa Ferlito has been repeatedly claiming herself as a single mother. Although we cannot be sure about the father of the child, we can at least make a guess right? Let’s have a look at her past relationships.

Vanessa Ferlito’s past relationship

Back in the year when Vanessa pregnancy reports came out, she started working in a movie Grindhouse. Quentin Tarantino directed the film. Through years, the two became very close and were spotted having romantic dinner couple of times in 2014. The duo was acting completely like a couple as they were hugging and kissing each other without any hesitation.

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[ CAPTION: Vanessa Ferlito and Quentin Tarantino ][ SOURCE: Frost Snow ]

However, their relationship has not been confirmed by either one of them as both of them have tried their best to keep their personal lives behind the curtain. As this was the first and the only reported relationship of Vanessa, it leaves us with the question, is he the father of the baby boy? Well, Quentin and Venessa are currently not together as the director is now engaged to his Israeli girlfriend.

[ CAPTION: Quentin Tarantino with his fiancee ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

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Quentin got engaged to Daniela Pick on 30th June 2017, and the duo is happy together. So who the father of the child is? Guess Vanessa wants to keep it a secret throughout her life.