Insides on James Patterson's Love Life and Past Partners

James Patterson is a highly successful writer, and he is considered one of the most popular authors in America. Some of his best-known book series include Alex Cross, Women's Murder Club, Michael Bennett, and Maximum Ride. Born on March 22, 1947, in Newburgh, New York, United States, he has gained immense fame for his gripping thriller novels that keep readers on the edge of their seats. 

Apart from being a talented writer, Patterson is also a loving husband; he is married to Susan Patterson. His captivating storytelling and compelling characters have earned him a massive and dedicated fanbase worldwide. Through his books, he takes readers on thrilling adventures that have left a lasting impact on the literary world.

Married To Susan Patterson

James Patterson is happily married to Susan Patterson, and they have been together for more than 25 wonderful years. They tied the knot on July 24, 1997, (the same year Lidia Bastianich and Felice Bastianich divorced) and have shared many memorable moments since then. Today, the couple resides in Lake Worth Beach, located in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

JamesJames and Susan Patterson at their wedding SOURCE: James Patterson Instagram @jamespattersonbooks

Living in such a beautiful and scenic area, James and Susan get to enjoy the sunny weather and the calming waves of the nearby ocean. Their enduring love and companionship have been a source of strength throughout their journey together, and they continue to cherish each other's company in their peaceful Florida home.

Who Is Susan Patterson?

Susan Patterson is a talented author, just like her husband James. Before getting married, her name was Susan Solie. In 1979, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she earned arts degree. She has made significant mark in the literary world and has achieved the prestigious title of a New York Times bestselling author for her books Things I Wish I Told My Mother and Big Words for Little Geniuses

Susan's writing style is captivating and relatable, touching the hearts of readers with her thoughtful words and engaging stories. With her literary accomplishments and creative spirit, she continues to inspire and delight her readers with each new book she releases.

James And Susan Have One Child Together

James and Susan Patterson are proud parents to their son, Jack Patterson, who was born in the year Louise Minchin married David Minchin, i.e., in 1998. Jack's dedication to his studies led him to graduate from Brown University in 2020, where he earned a bachelor's degree in economics. Shortly after completing his education, he secured a promising position as a Banking Analyst at Barclay's Investment Bank, showcasing his talent in the financial field, as mentioned in an article from The Sun.

JackJames Patterson with his son, Jack Patterson SOURCE: CBS News YouTube Channel

One remarkable aspect of James and Jack's relationship is their joint venture into the world of literature. They collaborated on a heartwarming children's book titled, Penguins of America. This charming tale is a testament to their creativity and the strong bond between father and son. Interestingly, the collaboration between the two was partly inspired by a desire to spark his son's interest in reading. He has also written the book, Cowboys Not What They Used to Be.

In 2005, James noticed that his son didn't show much enthusiasm for books. To address this, he wrote the first book in the 'Maximum Ride' series of science-fiction novels. The series was specially targeted at young adult readers but managed to captivate audiences of all ages. The compelling storyline and well-crafted characters not only ignited Jack's interest in reading but also touched the hearts of readers everywhere.

Patterson's Previous Partner Lost Her Life

Before meeting Susan, James Patterson experienced a heartbreaking loss when his previous partner, Jane Hall Blanchard, tragically passed away. They had shared a loving relationship for six years, as mentioned in an article from CBS News until her life was cut short at the young age of thirty-nine. It was a devastating blow for him when he learned that she had a brain tumor, and her health deteriorated over the last two-and-a-half years of her life. 

Witnessing her illness takes its toll, Patterson couldn't help but shed tears every single day. Their deep connection and shared experiences made Blanchard's passing even more difficult to bear. One fateful day, while they were at the post office in New York, she suddenly collapsed, leaving him in shock and heartache. The pain of losing her stayed with him, but through the difficult times, he found strength and healing in his passion for writing and the support of loved ones, eventually leading him to cross paths with Susan, his loving partner, and companion.

How Did Patterson Meet The Love Of His Life?

James Patterson's journey to meet the love of his life, Susan, began in the halls of the advertising company, J Walter Thompson (now rebranded as JWT). Susan, armed with her art degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, joined the company, eager to embark on a career in the advertising world. 

JamesJames and Susan Patterson at the ACM Awards SOURCE: James Patterson Instagram @jamespattersonbooks

Meanwhile, James, after facing a hurdle in his quest for a cab driver's job due to his long hair, found his place at JWT as a junior copywriter. Fate brought them together within the bustling walls of the agency, where they crossed paths and soon kindled a connection that blossomed into a beautiful romance. 

Dealing With Blanchard's Loss

Losing Blanchard was a devastating experience for Patterson. Being deeply in love with someone so young, who was battling a terminal illness, was incredibly difficult to bear. It took him a long time to come to terms with her passing. He had also shared a special bond with his grandfather, and when he passed away, he found himself unable to cry despite the grief he felt. 

However, Jane's illness had a profound impact on Patterson, and he found himself shedding tears every single day during her struggle. Her loss changed many aspects of his life, making him realize the importance of cherishing every moment and focusing on what truly mattered to him.

In the aftermath of Jane's passing, Patterson channeled his emotions and energy into his work. Writing became not only a creative outlet but also a way to cope with his grief. He poured himself into his career, and with determination and talent, he quickly rose from a copywriter to become a CEO in just a couple of years. This rapid ascent was a testament to his resilience and dedication. 

Through his writing and newfound success, Patterson found a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and it became crucial part of his healing process. The pain of losing Blanchard would always stay with him, but it was through his work and his passion for storytelling that he found strength and hope for the future.

Has Worked With His Wife On A Few Books

James Patterson and his wife Susan have enjoyed collaborating on several books together. One of their heartwarming works is, Things I Wish I Told My Mother, a touching tribute to motherhood that resonates with readers of all ages. In addition to this, the couple has also teamed up to create a delightful children's book series called Little Geniuses. This series is designed to ignite the curiosity of young minds while making learning fun. 

The first book, Big Words for Little Geniuses, introduces children to impressive and exciting words in an engaging way. Following the success of the first book, James and Susan continued the series with Cuddly Critters for Little Geniuses and Bigger Words for Little Geniuses, further enriching the vocabulary of young readers. Their joint effort in creating these educational and imaginative books has brought joy to families and young readers, cementing their place as a creative and talented duo in the world of children's literature.


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