Lidia Bastianich and Felice Bastianich, Culinary Couple, Married in 1966 and Divorced in 1997

Doesn’t it feel good when you fall in love with someone who shares the same profession? It really does, right? But Lidia Bastianich and Felice Bastianich, who got married in 1996, who we know as ‘Culinary Couple’, they had to end their relationship and get divorced. Wanna know why?

Let me start off with Lidia Bastianich if you dont know her. She is an Italian-born American chef. She is the daughter of Erminia Matticchio and Vittorio Matticchio.

Her major profession involves cooking; but she is also an author, a television host and an award winning restaurateur.Lidia has been seen in many television cooking shows since 1998.

During 2014, she launched her fifth cooking series which was named ‘Lidia’s Kitchen’. Lidia is one of the most popular cooks in the whole United States. Her restaurant is usually visited by celebrities and other popular people. Recently, her restaurant was visited by an Italian Football Player, Andrea Pirlo.

She is the owner of numerous Italian Restaurant in the United States in the partnership with her son, Joe Bastianich; and her daughter, Tanya Bastianich Manuali.

Some of the restaurants include; Lidia Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Del Posto, Becco and Esca in Manhattan, Lidia Kansas City in Kansas City, and many more.

Speaking of Felice Bastianich, he is well-known for being the ex-husband of Lidia Bastianich. Felice was born in Istria, Croatia; where he spent much of his childhood times.

For his further career, he left the city of Istria and moved out to the United States of America; where he worked at a restaurant. Felice Bastianich got introduced to Lidia Bastianich on her 16th birthday party.

Later on, they met several times until they fell in love with each other and decided to get married in 1966.

Noone in the media knows why they thought of getting a divorce, but we have come to know that their marriage lasted for 31 years. Too damn high, huh? However, there are some reports on why they broke up. When Lidia thought about expanding their business, Felice didn’t agree on that one because of some reason.

This issue became one of the reasons for their split. The reason why they are named after ‘Culinary Couple’, it is because their most of the choices were similar and they shared the same profession, which involved ‘Cooking’.

But after 13 years of their divorce; on December 12, 2010, Felice Bastianich left this world. Reports are still unknown about how he died.

What if I tell you about her Net worth? You won’t believe me if I tell you; but yes, her Net worth is more than $3.5 million. Now you must be wondering, how can a cook earn so much, right? But I told you earlier that she is not just a cook.

Her profession involves hosting numerous TV shows; and the foremost, Lidia is also an author and has written many cookbooks as well. Some of the names include, ‘Lidia’s Family Table’, ‘Lidia’s Italy’, ‘Nonna Tell Me A Story’, Lidia’s Italian Table’, ‘Nonna’s Birthday Surprise’, ‘Lidia’s Italy in America’, Lidia’s Favourite’, and Et-cetera. This is the primary reason why her net worth is so high.