Ingrid Quinn: What happen between her and her divorced husband David Boreanaz? Where's she now?

Ingrid Quinn is the ex-wife of David Boreanaz who is a famous actor and producer. This couple got married when David Boreanaz was in his struggling phase of his career.

Ingrid Quinn was a social worker when this she was dating David back in 1994.  She supported David while he was struggling to be known. They got married in June 1997 and don’t have any children.



Reason behind the divorce

Sometimes being jealous and over possessive towards own partner can turn out to be harmful like this couple end up to.

Ingrid Quinn and David Boreanaz got divorced just after two years they got divorced. David filed the divorce calming irreconcilable differences.

The reason why David Boreanaz decided to separate from Ingrid was because she was spying on her husband and his female co-stars.



This couple was already separated few days before David Boreanaz filed for divorce according to his court. It's said that Ingrid was very much upset about her hubby was getting too close to certain cast members on Angel and Buffy.

Even though Ingrid Quin was to be very supportive and has a very same attitude as David Boreanaz but the jealousy of Ingrid led their relationship to the end. Ingrid continuous visit to the set of Angel to check on David Boreanaz also made David away from her.

Even though it was not sure that David really cheated on Ingrid or Ingrid was just over thinking about this matter but everything got destroyed.

Where is Ingrid Quin now?

Ingrid Quin is an ordinary lady who got noticed being the wife of famous actor David Boreanaz. After the divorce, David Boreanaz married Jaime Bergman in 2001, a fellow actress and model.

David Boreanaz and his new wife are also in the phase of divorce, as David again cheated on his second wife as he cheated his first one.

After Ingrid Quin got divorced with David Boreanaz, she rarely came up in the eyes of media. She has completely hidden from the public eyes. Maybe she has continued to do her social work as she was doing before she met David.