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How to identify actresses Katherine Pine and Katherine Heigl if you see them? They look too similar.

August 25, 2016
First published on:August 25, 2016
by John

If you have seen the movie Knocked-up and some episode of seventies famous Love Boat you will know the fact that Katherine Heigl and Katherine Pine are another examples of Hollywood look-alikes.

Here are some of the details that will clear your confusion about these look-alike actresses and will help you differentiate Pine from Heigl.

Hair Color:
Daughter of Hollywood actor Robert Pine and sister of the handsome actor Chris Pine; Katherine Pine has a deep golden brown hair whereas Katherine Heigl has a blond hair which is a big difference between them.

Katherine Pine (Left) has blonde hair while Katherine Heigl has black hair

Body Size:
Katherine Pine is a lady who left the entertainment industry to join psychotherapy and family counselling as her career after she could not land in any bigger roles in both small and big screen. And to be honest she is helping out many families who are going through complexities at her best.

Both of these stunning actresses possess a well-maintained body but in this case, Heigl wins Pine because she has a perfect hour glass figure 34-24-36 and weights only 52 KGs. Whereas 47 years old Pine is a little bulkier when compared to Heigl she is around 65 Kgs. But she still looks maintained when compared to other women of her age.

Pine is 5 foot and 8 inches while Heigl is 5.9. Although it might look quite similar Pine and Heigl do have a minimal height difference. So, when you compared the height of these two actors with your own height it becomes easier for you to differentiate between these two actresses.

Nose and Eyes:
Both Pine and Heigl have same nose structure and when we observe their noses it looks as if they are from the same family line.

Both of the actresses have a similar eye structure and eye color but if we look carefully, we can find that Katherine Pine has Black eyebrows and her eyebrow length is a bit larger when compared to Heigl.

Pine who has a hooded eye structure wears glasses and has a few wrinkles around her eyes whereas Katherine Heigl has an average shaped eye and has light brown eyebrows which is another trick to know the difference between them.

If you see one of these two actors wearing glasses it is more likely to be Pine because Heigl wears glass to look more realistic in Grey's Anatomy but not in real life.

Age plays the magic here because even when you dye or accessorize your hair your age never lies. Pine is seven years elder than Heigl which makes her look much aged.

Place they live at:
The famous One For The Money actress Katherine Heigl resides in LA Hollywood. Heigl owns a three-bedroom house in Los Feliz area of Los Angeles CA since 2007 and the star of Chips season 99 is a resident of Studio City opposite to Universal Studios which is a nearby place to Hollywood, California. So there is a trivial possibility of these two look-alikes crashing into one another on a shopping store. So, if you find Katherine in any stores around Studio City it's more likely to be Katherine from the Pine family and if you find one in Utah or Los Feliz, LA it is more likely to be Heigl.

If there are these many differences why do people get confused?
We get confused because both of these actors share the same name and has worked for some popular TV shows at some point in time. They have similar facial structure. It seems like both of them were born from the same father because of their resembling eyes, nose, and lips.

Even if Pine is not involved in TV shows nowadays, she makes red carpet appearances time and again in for the premiere of Chris Pine's movies and in functions with her father Robert Pine who is also a Hollywood hall of fame actor.  So, people often get confused on seeing them on the screen when both of them are dressed at their best.



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