How Much Net Worth Does Danielle Lloyd Have? Details on her Luxurious house, Cars, and other

March 26, 2018
First Published On: March 26, 2018

Danielle Lloyd is an English glamour model who has won several beauty pageants like Miss England back in 2004, Miss Great Britain (2006), etc. From a very young age, she got engaged in modeling.


Well in this section, today we will be talking about Danielle Lloyd’s net worth, how much she earns from her profession. We will be discussing the assets she owns as well, for example, her house, her cars, etc. Keep on reading:

Danielle Lloyd’s net worth

As Danielle started her career in modeling from a very young age, she had started making money for herself from the start. As of 2018, her estimated net worth is somewhere around $3.5 million. After being crowned as Miss Great Britain, she also appeared nude in a Playboy magazine.

CAPTION: Danielle Lloyd in her first Playboy magazine

She also did a breast augmentation surgery to turn her 32AA sized breasts to 32DD size which costs over $3,708. And she didn’t do it just once or twice, but SEVEN times. Imagine how much she must’ve spent on shaping her body. She even donated 60,000 pounds to buy the breast cancer scanner.

Danielle Lloyd’s house and Cars

Her relationship with her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara wasn’t quite well and her then-husband even accused Lloyd of being a ‘financial drain’. However, later Danielle revealed that at that time her then-husband was a successful footballer and that she was a successful model.

She further said,

I was earning about £25,000 a week compared to Jamie’s £7,000 a week. I had my own house in London and I’d bought myself a Bentley. The Range Rover I drive now, I bought with my own money. I’ve always paid my own way.

This proves that she was not much of a financial drain to her husband back then.

CAPTION: Danielle Lloyd standing beside her Range Rover
SOURCE: Celebrity Car News

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During her married life, she lived in a luxurious house with her then-husband which she later sold for 1.85 million pounds.

CAPTION: Danielle Lloyd with her past house
SOURCE: Mirror

After she sold her house, she later bought a new one but hasn’t fully disclosed her new home. She has posted some of the pictures of her new home on her Instagram. Currently, she is living a luxurious life at her new home with her lovely kids.