How Much Money Does Randy Orton per match? Know about his Salary and Net Worth

We all are familiar with the third-generation professional wrestler Randal Keith Orton aka Randy Orton. He is an American professional wrestler and an actor currently signed to WWE, under SmackDown brand. We all know that entire WWE is worth around $4 billion currently and is also supported by many endorsements and merchandise sales. Hence superstar athletes like Randy Orton should definitely have good earnings from his WWE career. So are you ready to know the Viper's net worth, salary and net earnings from his successful WWE career?

Scroll down as we reveal Randy Orton's lifestyle and information regarding his net worth, salary, contract, house, and cars. Let's begin:

Randy Orton Net worth, earning, salary, and contract

The professional wrestler has earned a huge amount of money form his wrestling career. Orton is further rated as one of the top ten earners of WWE. Hence his net worth of $11 million will not surprise any one. His per fight amount is some thousand dollars behind current superstar John Cena.Further, Orton reportedly earns around $4.27 million a year as a pro-wrestler for WWE.

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Orton has also made $2.7 million annually, along with the bonuses such as a percentage of his PPV shares and merchandise sales. Further, Randy Orton pulls extra $816,833 every time when he wins a match.

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In 2014, his earing was $363,037 as per match bonus which dollar raises in two years. According to the Viper's he has set a salary of $2,818,075 in a contract with the veteran company. He has also recently signed $1.9 million contracts with WWE.

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Randy Orton has also starred in few movies like '12 Rounds 2: Reloaded' in which he pulled out $284,091 and also played in the movie 'That's what I Am' drawing $216,450 as his salary.

Randy Orton Cars collections

Randy Orton has an impressive fleet of vehicles which includes Hummer which estimated price is about $16,098.00, also he is the proud owner of $180,195 worth Bently, $36,350 Ranger Rover, and a Harley Davidson bike.

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Moreover, he has a collection of guns and jewelry, interest in WWE contract and title. 

Randy Orton House

Talking about Randy Orton's residence, Mr. Orton owns a house in Missouri in a gated St.charles, Mo., Community who's estimated Selling price is reported to be at $775,000.

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The multilevel theme home was built in 2013 and featured contemporary fixtures, stone hardwood accents, and hardwood floors. It also has three bedrooms and four bathrooms including a master suite with a steam shower and a custom walk-in closet.

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The house also includes a media room, fitness room, billiard room, three car garage, and work out room with a sauna.