How much is American News Anchor Erin Burnett net worth? Get About her House, Cars, Awards, and Property

Erin Burnett is a current anchor of the television show, Erin Burnett OutFront which is one of the respected names in the journalism industry. At present, her exposure has led to some pretty high-profile positions. Besides, as a news anchor and journalist, she has accumulated a decent amount of net worth.

Today, we have gathered Burnett's possible sources of income including awards, house, cars, and property. Stay with us to know more about her net worth and career.

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Know about the Erin Burnett Net Worth

Analysing works of the CNBC's network former host, Erin receives $6 million annually from CNN. Likewise, Burnett earlier worked as the host of CNBC's Street Signs and co-anchor of Swank on the street with Mark Haines where she earned thousands of dollars. Moreover, she also served for the Today and Meet The Person NBCNBC Nightly News, and Morning Joe on MSNBC.

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In 2013, the charming woman sought a $2.5 million buyout from CNN when the network suggested she air her 7 pm show in prime time. However, she did not make the move to mornings.  Besides, her show regularly gets twice as many viewers as she did on CNBC, that might be why she did not want any movement.

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As of 2018, Erin Burnett's estimated net worth is $16 million, and being the wife of David Rubulotta who is a managing director of the high yield sales department at Citibank, she appears to have more net worth than that.

The woman seems really dedicated to her works as her Instagram and Twitter account's pictures are mainly related to her business. Due to this, it has made a little harder to know about her personal stuff including her house and car collection. 

Know about the Erin Burnett Career 

Mother of two children, Erin started working for Goldman Sachs in the mergers and acquisitions division right after graduating from Williams College. The following year, she was offered a position on CNN as casting guest analyst of the show, Money Line, and writer. She worked as the guest analyst for a certain time and later left that position in order to serve as vice president of Citi Media.

After working with CitiMedia, the talented woman served as the host of CNBC's Street Signs and co-anchor of Squawk on the Street. Furthermore, she also served as a reporter in the middle east countries such as Iran, Iraq, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Yemen, Tunisia, TurkeyEgypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Palestinian Territories. For that work, she was nominated for the Emmy Award.

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Almost after working five years with CNBC, Erin Burnett left the network and join rival news outlet CNN introducing her prime-time news program called Erin Burnett OutFront. Currently, she is busy working on it. Her show's viewers are increasing day by day and it seems that her net worth is sure to be increased in the coming days.