Guy Lafleur and wife Lise, getting a divorce?

May 2, 2017
First Published On: August 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Seems like happy days are ending for the famous professional NHL ice hockey player, Guy Lafleur.

Rumors are in the air that the former ice hockey player Guy Lafleur is ending his forty years of marital relationship with wife Lise Lafleur.

The professional player has given certain hints on his split with Lise who have been married since 1973, says source. They have two children together.

Rumors on Guy's married life

According to the rumors, misunderstandings have been prevailing between the couple since several years.

Despite several years of being together, the couple is not able to predict each other's mind, adds an insider.

News have been there that the couple is ignoring each other since several months and during the recent times, the condition has become worst. Their appearance is often single during events and occasions, adds insider.

Guy, with a height of six foot zero inches, was a professional kind of man from the beginning. He always used to focus on his career rather those other things.

During his career time in NHL too the player did not expose any of his private issues. It has already been twenty five years of his retirement.

It is said that Guy has been living a low profile life away from the limelight. Because of which more or less no information on his private issues has been gathered.

Several predictions have been made on their divorce matters. One of the reasons as predicted by his fans is his son Mark.

Back in 2008, Mark had several numbers of run-ins with the law, including the charges of sexual assault. Guy helped his some come out of the prison with the bail condition that Mark should live in his father's house.

After the bail, an arrest warrant was issued for Lafleur, saying that his testimonials in his son's case were against the law.

Not only that, in 2009  Lafleur was charged with obstruction of justice  for helping his son to break the curfew buy driving him to the hotel to meet his girlfriend.

Lafleur on his part feeling embarrassed, filed a $2.5 million civil suit against police and prosecutors saying that his rights were violated.

According to Wikipedia, on May 2009 Lafleur was convicted and in June was given one year suspended sentence. He was also fined $100 and ordered to donate $10000 to charity.

This attempt of Lafleur helping son Mark on illegal activities brought Lise to high temper and things started getting worse.

But later on in August 2010, the Quebec Court of Appeal unanimously acquitted Lafleur of all the charges throwing out his previous conviction.

His divorce rumor has been a hotcake in the NHL. However the player himself has not confirmed anything yet.

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