Goldie Hawn's Partners and Romances: A Look at Her Relationship Timeline

Goldie Hawn is a talented individual with a range of skills. She is not only an actress but also a dancer, producer, and singer. Some of her well-known movies include "Private Benjamin" and "Overboard." Her exceptional acting skills were recognized when she won an Oscar for her performance in "Cactus Flower." 

Currently, Hawn is in a relationship with Kurt Russell, and their chemistry both on and off-screen is often talked about. Before Kurt, she was married to Bill Hudson and Gus Trikonis at different points in her life. Her versatility and success in various aspects of the entertainment industry have made her a beloved and respected figure in Hollywood.

Current Relationship Status

Goldie Hawn's current relationship status is happily dating Kurt Russell. They have been together since 1983, making them one of the most enduring couples in Hollywood. Their love story has stood the test of time, and their relationship is often admired by many. What's unique about their bond is that they've not only shared their lives but also the screen. She is six years older than her partner.

GoldieGoldie Hawn and her partner, Kurt Russell SOURCE: Goldie Hawn Instagram @goldiehawn

Hawn and Russell have appeared in several movies together, such as "Overboard," "The Christmas Chronicles," and its sequel "The Christmas Chronicles 2." It's heartwarming to see their chemistry both on and off-screen. She frequently posts about him on her Instagram, sharing glimpses of their life and showcasing their strong connection. Their lasting love and companionship continue to inspire people around the world.

How Did Russell And Hawn's Love Story Start?

Russell and Hawn's love story has a unique beginning. They first crossed paths while working on Disney's 1968 live-action musical movie "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band." However, it took around 15 more years for their romantic journey to begin. Fate brought them together again around 17 years later when he was auditioning for the film "Swing Shift." Their reconnection marked the start of something truly special. 

When Hawn arrived to read lines with him during the audition, Russell, who was admittedly feeling the effects of a heavy hangover, found himself in an unexpected situation. Not being in the best condition, he said the first thing that came to his mind. He complimented her figure, saying, "Man, you got a great figure." It was a spontaneous and somewhat risky move, but it worked in his favor as the actress, with her characteristic charm, responded positively, saying, "Why thank you." 

The Crazy First Date With Russell

The first date between Hawn and Russell was certainly an unforgettable and adventurous one. Their evening kicked off with some swing dancing at the iconic Playboy Club in Los Angeles, setting a fun and lively tone for the night, as mentioned in an article from Vanity Fair. Following that, they headed to a house that the actress was in the process of renovating. It was here that things took a surprising turn, as they shared an intimate moment. 

KurtGoldie Hawn and Kurt Russell with their grandkid, Rani Rose SOURCE: Goldie Hawn Instagram @goldiehawn

However, Hawn and Russell's escapade took an unexpected twist when the police arrived on the scene. The situation was quite comical, as they had to break into the house to gain entry, which caught the attention of law enforcement. The police walked in on them due to the unusual circumstances surrounding their presence. This unique and slightly chaotic first date is a testament to the unpredictability of life and the funny stories that can arise from unexpected situations.

Why Haven't The Actress Married Russell Yet?

Hawn has shared her perspective on why she and Russell haven't tied the knot. According to her, they haven't felt the need to get married again because both of them have had previous marriages that didn't work out. She points out that when marriages end, especially in the public eye, things can become complicated and contentious. The Oscar winner refers to it as a "big business," where issues of ownership and division often arise, as mentioned in an article from USA Today. 

Hawn has been married before, to Bill Hudson and Gus Trikonis, and Russell was previously married to Season Hubley. Their decision to not marry is likely based on their desire to maintain their strong and loving relationship without the complications that can sometimes accompany legal marriages. For them, the depth of their bond is what truly matters, regardless of the legal status.

Previously Married To Bill Hudson

Goldie Hawn was previously married to Bill Hudson, and their marriage lasted from July 3, 1976, in Takoma Park, Maryland, until March 19, 1982. During their time together, they became parents to two children, actors Kate and Oliver Hudson. The couple's relationship began when they met in 1975, on a flight, a year before their marriage. He was a member of the musical group called the Hudson Brothers, along with his brothers Brett and Mark at the time. 

BillGoldie Hawn with her ex-husband, Bill Hudson SOURCE: Inside Edition YouTube Channel

Hawn and Hudson's shared interests and connection led to a relationship that eventually led to marriage and the start of a family. While their romantic journey ended in divorce, their time together marked an important chapter in both their lives and the lives of their children.

The Ugly Divorce With Hudson

Hawn's divorce from Hudson was marked by its difficulties. He claimed that the reason behind the relationship's downfall was her alleged infidelity. He shared that he decided to leave in the summer of 1980 upon discovering that she had been unfaithful, this time with the French actor Yves Renier. He also mentioned that she had suggested the idea of having an open marriage, indicating the challenges they faced in maintaining their relationship's fidelity. 

Hudson even recounted a conversation he had with Hawn's father, Rut, who had supposedly said, "She needs a different man for each of her moods." While divorce can be a painful and complex process, these accounts shed light on the personal struggles that were part of their relationship journey.

Hudson's relationship with his children, Kate and Oliver Hudson, also isn't healthy. The tension has reached a point where he no longer considers them his own and has even gone so far as to ask them to stop using the Hudson name. This sad turn of events has resulted in a separation between Bill and his children, with Kate and Oliver no longer being a part of his life.

Other Relationships

Goldie Hawn's romantic history includes various relationships with well-known individuals. In addition to her marriages and long-term partnerships, she has been involved with other notable figures. She was in a relationship with Burt Reynolds in 1982 and also had a romantic involvement with Yves Rénier from 1980 to 1981. 

Before that, Hawn dated Bruno Wintzell from 1973 to 1975, Mark Goddard from 1967 to 1969, and Spiro Venduras from 1964 to 1965. Her love life also includes connections with Richard Harfield and Tom Selleck. Along the way, she had encounters with Ted Grossman in 1973 and Warren Beatty in 1971. The actress' journey through relationships shows the different chapters and experiences that have shaped her personal life over the years.

Who Was Hawn's First Husband?

Goldie Hawn's first husband was director Gus Trikonis. Their marriage, however, was short-lived. They tied the knot on May 16, 1969, in Honolulu, Hawaii, but unfortunately divorced on June 22, 1976. Their romantic journey began in 1966 when they started dating. Interestingly, she filed for divorce from Gus on the same day she became engaged to Hudson. 

Hawn openly discussed her divorce from Trikonis, shedding light on the emotions she experienced during that time. She expressed feeling hurt by the way their marriage ended and shared that she felt unsupported by the director throughout their relationship. She acknowledged that he had struggled with unemployment, but she didn't blame him for that. She recognized that having her as a wife might have posed challenges for him and that this difficulty might have affected his self-confidence. 


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