Kate Hudson talks about her personal life.

The Almost Famous star opened up about her relationship with her mother Goldie Hawn and revealed about her life with two sons.

Hudson and her mother share a much-cherished bond. Unlike her character in her upcoming movie Mother’s Day, Hudson and Hawn know everything about each other.

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The actress told E! News’ Erin Lim about her relationship with her mother Hawn and how her mother supported during her crucial years in Colorado.

“I’ve always had a really super open relationship with her,” Hudson said. “I talk about everything. I’m like the person who comes home and can’t hide anything.”

“Even my friends sometimes are like, ‘Kate, you’ve got to stop talking so much about your life.’ And I’m like, ‘Why?’ I can’t keep things in, really.”

The 36-year-old actress still shares everything with her mother and keeps no secrets. She believes that her mother has always been her mentor in life.

“I’ve never felt like I’ve had to hide anything from mom. If anything, she’s always been my confidante,” Kate added.

Hudson started talking about her close relationship with her two sons, Ryder, 12 (from her marriage with Chris Robinson) and Bing, 4 (from the singer Matthew Bellamy).


“I was really young, like, 23, when I had Ryder,” she said. “So our relationship has always been [a little unusual]. I mean, we’re close, and I am his mom. I’m big on manners. I’m big on politeness. I’m big on gratitude. But I’m a bit of a wild mom.”

The Bride Wars star regards herself as a wild mom when it comes to things like manners.

“Yeah, as strict as I am when it comes to things like manners, Ryder sometimes has to put me in check. He and I are like buddies. He’ll turn to me and say, ‘Mom, you’re crazy for going out in that outfit.’" Hudson added.

Though the mother of two believes herself to be a much stricter parent, she is a really cool mom.

Despite being very busy with her many projects, Hudson still manages to find time to dance around the house almost every day. Many of the family’s fun performances have been captured on social media as well.

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