Girls TV star and creator Lena Dunham quits her Relationship with Jack Antonoff; Detail Here

The longer relationship lasts, the harder is to break. The celebrities not only breaks the heart of two but breaks millions of hearts of fans as well. Similarly one of the cutest celebrity couple; Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff recently broke up after five years long relationship. 

Nobody had actually thought that the couple would end up breaking up. But who can predict what exactly happens in the future right? So what exactly was the reason behind the couple’s separation? How was their relationship before break up? 

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff’s relationship

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff met back in the year 2012. Their first date was set up by Antonoff’s sister. Back in 2014, in an interview, when Antonoff was asked about their first date, he told that he expressed everything about himself to Lena on their first date because he says

 ‘You want them to know everything about you when you really like them.’

Jack also mentioned in an interview that they act like an old couple. Shortly after that, the couple moved in together in Dunham’s home in Brooklyn. They also worked together on several projects including Gone Now (Bleachers featuring Dunham).

[ CAPTION: Lena Dunham kissing her ex-boyfriend Jack Antonoff ][ SOURCE: us magazine ]

It was rumored that the couple was engaged but they told in an interview that they wouldn’t get married until same-sex marriage was made legal in all the 50 states. While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres in October 2015, Lena said;

‘I mean, we own a dog together, we own a home together, but the marriage thing is a big deal’.

Jack even gifted Lena a ring on their anniversary.

[ CAPTION: Lela Dunham showing off her gifted ring ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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The couple supported a lot in each other’s career as well. They kept on posting each other’s pictures on Instagram which showed that they had immense love for each other.

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Lena Dunham Splits with Jack Antonoff

Us Weekly confirmed about the couple’s separation on January 8, 2018. According to Pitchfork, even after their break up, the two want best for each other no matter what and that both of them are moving on.

Antonoff has been busy with his own projects for the new year, producing Lorde’s album Melodrama as well as Carley Rae Jepsen’s song.

[ CAPTION: Lela Dunham no long with Jack Antonoff ][ SOURCE: Just Jared ]

Talking about Lena, she recently posted on Instagram about starting over. Also, she has still not stopped herself from wearing the ring her ex-boyfriend gifted to her on their anniversary.

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[ CAPTION: Lela Dunham ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Looks like Lena is still struggling to move on and somewhat wants Antonoff back but we cannot be sure of anything! But let's hope for the best!