Jack Antonoff opens up about dating his girlfriend, Girl's star Lena Dunham

GIRLS star Lena Dunham and lead guitarist of the indie rock band Fun, Jack Antonoff are being dubbed as the coolest couple in the show biz. The hipster couple started dating each other back in 2012 after they were set up on a blind date by their mutual friends. The couple has been together since then and there’s no turning back for them. They live together in Brooklyn and the pair seems totally obsessed with each other because they can’t stop praising, complimenting, supporting and criticizing each other all the time.

The fun part is that, despite being together for three years, Jack and Lena are constantly seen talking to and about each other through social media sites like Instagram and Twitter and in interviews. Their relationship has always been the talk of the town and nothing about them is hidden from us. And Lena’s boyfriend Jack, despite being quite private about his personal affairs, is the first one to speak about his girl and his romance with her.

The singer, songwriter has always been very open about his relationship with his lady love and he feels that a couple should be honest each other. In an interview with NY magazine, he shared his experience about his first date with her, "I told Lena everything about my whole life, because when you really like someone, you want them to know everything about you."

Jack who is the lead singer of Bleachers and lead guitarist of the indie rock band Fun says that he and Lena fit perfectly together because: "I think what probably happens when you put two awkward/clunky people together is that their awkward/clunky world seems like a normal world. And I think that's something that's nice about our relationship."

And this awkward/clunky couple has decided to call their future children something ironic. They really seem crazy yet fun. Jack might have seriously considered naming their kids after something crazy because the musician admitted that he would very much like to have baby.  “It just seems like the most fun thing in the world,” he said.

The hot songwriter also claims that the influence of his outspoken girlfriend on him has turned him into a much more fun and outspoken version of himself, just like her.

The singer recently revealed a part of his romantic life with Lena in an interview with The Times. Jack was pretty clear about everything and seemed proud of his sweet heart despite all the controversies surrounding the Girls star, writer and producer.

'We've been together for over two years, which for me is a long time, and I still want to know everything about her. That's what falling in love is. You're wrapped up in a mystery novel, lost in an exciting world.

'When I get home from the studio Lena's the first person to hear anything and I can tell if something's good or not by her reaction. We both work so much, chip away at things for so long, that it’s not like we get over-sensitive. We're not 19. We can take criticism. I love criticism from her,’ he said.

The life of these two famous people seems perfect and it indeed is. They are madly in love with each other. They praise and criticize openly on social media sites. But the couple might have never ended up together if Lena had been more careless on their very first date. The actor and director aged 29 admitted earlier this year that she almost ruined their first meeting as she was 40 minutes late. She confessed how she would have blown the chances of their romance because of her lack of punctuality.

She said: 'I was set up with my boyfriend on a blind date; I was like 40 minutes late and now we live together. So I really don't know how you're supposed to go about this.

'I guess I would say I'm a big proponent of honest and not playing games, so if you want to spend time with someone in a romantic setting, and you've picked up on the signal that they might too, you should just ask them to go do something!'