Georgina Chapman Husband Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassing girls, Is his Wife Still supportive?

We live in the world where we can't trust anybody, we can't say what is hidden behind the innocence of a person. AND, the case of sexual harassment is increasing all over the world in the speed of light. Most surprisingly, even famous Hollywood actors are getting involved in such a dreadful crime. If you all are wondering whom we are talking about then, Lets us make you clear. It's non-other than Harvey Weinstein.

American film producer and film studio executive Harvey Weinstein, in recent months, is dragged into lots of controversies on sexual harassment. After allegations of sexual harassment by the number of women, is his wife Georgia Chapman still with him? Stick with us to know all about his married life and relationship.

Harvey Weinstein and Sexual Allegations

Who would have thought one of the renowned names in Hollywood would be wrecked by the sexual allegations? In the wake of news on sexual abuse on October 2017 reported by several women, Harvey's professional, as well as personal life, is in grave danger.

Where other women can bearly see other girl touching their man, Harvey's wife George Chapman is by side of Weinstein although the reports of sexual harassment. We all know Harvey and Georgina as the mysterious couple in Hollywood for years.

Harvey Weinstein, source: The Hollywood Reporter

Despite all the allegations, Harvey is douging the news saying

" I came of age in the 60s and 70s. When all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different, I have since learned it's not an excuse."

In an investigation conducted by "The New York Times", several women came forward claiming sexual misconduct allegations against the Holywood producer. An actress Ashley Judd was among the women who opened about this matter.

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman, source: Pinterest

Ashley reported that Weinstein asked her to meet at a meeting. Harvey tried to turn the meeting into an invitation to his room which later on ended in massage and watch him shower.

Ashley Judd, source: HawtCelebs

You might be wondering why didn't most of the women came to the media. Well, you be surprised to know, the 65 years old Harvey had his settlement with eight women.

It's hard to digest, women choose to hide these kinds of matters with settlements rather than exposing them.

These allegations have cost a lot to Weinstein as he has been fired from his own Weinstein Company.

Is Wife Georgia Chapman still with her Husband Harvey Weinstein?

Well after all the allegations, Wife Georgia seems a supportive woman to his husband. Normally after allegations, many celebrities took on media to give clarifications, Georgia hasn't given any statement till now.

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman, source:  Pinterest

Harvey tied a knot with an English fashion designer and actress Georgina Chapman in 2007.  This couple is blessed with a daughter named India Pearl and son Dashiell.

India Pearl, source:

There are no fights and divorce rumors across the internet between these pairs. So right now, we can say they are together.

It will be a public interest on what will happen to the married life of Harvey. Not only Harvey's but Chapman's career is in trouble too.

As his professional life is falling apart we hope he tries his best to save his relationship.