Garrett Hedlund's Love Journey: Unveiling His Wife and Girlfriend List Over the Years

Garrett Hedlund, a skilled actor and musician, has captured the hearts of audiences with his first-rate performances in movies like "TRON: Legacy," "Mudbound," and "Four Brothers." Despite his success in the spotlight, he keeps his personal life non-public. 

Currently flying solo, Hedlund has been romantically connected with famous stars like Emma Roberts and Kirsten Dunst in the past. His adventure inside the amusement industry reflects not only his determination to his craft but also his potential to navigate the highs and lows of repute with grace. 

Living A Single Life

Garrett Hedlund, at the moment, is working through the waves of life with a clear focus on his profession. Currently flying solo within the relationship department, the actor appears to be savoring the moments of independence, leaving fans curious about whether or not he may set sail into a new romantic journey. 

GarrettGarrett Hedlund in The Marsh Kings Daughter SOURCE: Garrett Hedlund Instagram @garretthedlund

The enigmatic aura surrounding Garrett's non-public life provides an exciting layer to his public personality. Thus, making observers wonder if love might wonder him when least predicted. With his determination to both his craft and family, he is focusing on himself for now.

Let's Look At Hedlund's Past Relationships And Rumors

Emma Roberts

Start Of The Relationship

Hedlund and Roberts stirred the rumor mill in March 2019 when a hypothesis surfaced about them embarking on a romantic adventure together. This buzz followed her choice to call off her engagement with Evan Peters, her on-and-off-again companion. 

The whispers gained momentum when just shy of weeks later, Garrett and Emma became noticed strolling through the bustling streets of New York City hand in hand. The city lighting appeared to twinkle a bit brighter as they showcased their connection in public. 

Have A Son Together

Garrett and Emma improved their circle of relatives joyfully with the arrival of their son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, born on December 27, 2020. The couple made the naming procedure a collaborative and meaningful revel in. As per Today, he humorously revealed that Roberts had said, 'If it’s a woman, I get to call her, and if it’s a boy, you get to call him.' 

EmmaEmma Roberts and her son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund SOURCE: Emma Roberts @emmaroberts

As for the inspiration behind the name Rhodes, Garrett opened up approximately the sentimental significance. He explained that the name was a nod to a 3-week avenue experience he shared with his father before he passed away, shooting the essence of the word "roads." Additionally, the word "Row" was chosen for short, reflecting the rowing journeys he used to take along with his grandfather. 

The innovative former couple, each avid reader, additionally brought a literary contact by incorporating "Rhodes scholars" into the mix. Garrett playfully clarified, "But really, it’s just rodeo" highlighting the combo of private history, circle of relatives connections, and a hint of literary flair that makes Rhodes' name unique.

The End Of The Relationship

After sharing almost three years of companionship, Hedlund and Roberts determined to part ways, saying their breakup in January 2022. Despite the public nature of their dating, the reasons in the back of their separation remain shrouded in thriller, as neither of the two has chosen to disclose the info. 

What is apparent, but, is Emma and Garrett's commitment to navigating the complexities of co-parenting their infant together. Despite the twists and turns that lifestyles have provided, the duo has chosen to prioritize their shared responsibilities, specializing in presenting a solid and loving environment for their toddler. 

Still Has Love And Respect For His Former Partner

Despite the demanding situations and changes in his lifestyle, Garrett maintains love and admiration for his former partner. In a heartwarming gesture rapidly after their breakup, he took to social media, as reported in E! News, to specify his sentiments on Mother's Day. 

EmmaEmma Roberts in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Emma Roberts @emmaroberts

In a touching message committed to Emma, Hedlund wrote, "To the most stunning mom, dear Emma! You gave us a present who in no way ceases to melt our hearts, amaze our minds, and make anything simply fly away, from morning until night." This public statement of admiration reflects now not only the actor's appreciation for Roberts as a mom but also guidelines for the long-lasting bond they form through the precious gift they created together. 

Public Intoxication Unveils Unraveled Night

On a surprising occasion, right away after breaking up with Emma Roberts, Garrett Hedlund turned into decided the highlight the event that happened on January 23, 2022. He was arrested for public drunkenness in Franklin County, Tennessee. 

The info on this incident remains unknown, leaving enthusiasts and the overall public confused over the occasions surrounding his arrest. This serves as a reminder that even those within the public eye face their struggles.

Kirsten Dunst

Garrett and Kirsten Dunst's romantic journey started in January 2012. It was a connection that blossomed on the set of the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road," in 2011. For 4 years, they navigated the highs and lows of affection, growing reminiscences that spanned both their non-public and professional lives. 

KirstenGarrett Hedlund's ex-partner, Kirsten Dunst SOURCE: Kirsten Dunst Instagram @kirstendunst

Garrett and Kirsten's romantic journey began with a memorable first date that didn't go quite as planned. Recalling the unusual meeting, he said, "I took her out on a 3 a.m. canoe ride." But the glamorous event took an unexpected turn when the boat failed to steady. They fell into the water and ultimately led to an accidental swim in less-than-ideal conditions as he compared the water to “muddy, sh*tty, like golf pool water.”  

However, through April 2016, Hedlund and Dunst determined to part ways. Sources reveal that their breakup was attributed to the stark variations in their personalities, leaving them out of sync whilst it came to envisioning their future collectively. The demanding situations they faced had gradually converted their dating into a rocky road, making the selection to part approaches a mutual and, in a few methods, a relieving one. 

Taylor Swift

In the spring of 2011, the rumor mill buzzed with speculation when Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Swift were spotted having dinner in Nashville. This suddenly comes across sparked interest among fanatics and the media alike, specifically considering Us Weekly which reported it was their first time going out after a duration of replacing emails. 

The intrigue deepened as whispers circulated about Taylor dropping hints that they must spend time collectively. However, despite the preliminary excitement, it appears that their connection did not evolve into a lasting romance, as they weren't seen together another time.

Leighton Meester

Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester found themselves in the spotlight when they were briefly linked in January 2011. Their connection seemed to spark after they presented together at the Golden Globes. Rumors further intensified as reports surfaced of the pair attending an afterparty, where witnesses claimed they were "making googly eyes at each other all night." 

Despite the initial excitement surrounding this potential romance, the flames of Hedlund and Meester's connection appeared to flicker out quickly. Surprisingly, there were no subsequent reports or sightings of the duo together, leaving fans to speculate about the fleeting nature of their connection and what might have caused the spark to dim. 


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