Freddie Highmore Astonished With "The Good Doctor’s" Popularity

Freddie Highmore is blissful after the show "The Good Doctor" surpass over 1.6 million per episodes since it Australian premier. In 2017, the drama was categorized as most-watched TV series.

Highmore The Good Doctor was also a popular series in America when hit 17 million viewers per season. The returning of the series to the Australian TV channel since mid-season hiatus gave breakout to the Good Doctor Series.

In the drama, Highmore appeared as Shaun Murphy who is a young surgeon with autism & Savant condition.

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Highmore told from the production industry Vancouver “It’s lovely that Good Doctor received huge viewers in America and other parts of the nation, but it’s kind of comic for the working member that we are not totally aware of it acclamation.

The ABC drama is originally based on the South Korean drama with the same title came to the attention of actor Daniel Dae Kim in 2013 who subsequently bought production right in America.

[ CAPTION: South Korean drama turned into The Good Doctor ][ SOURCE: soompi ]

Then the lead role was offered to Highmore who was busy working on Bates Motel, a psychological thriller. After 3 days of wrapping Bates Motel, he went through script and final the deal.  Later he acknowledges himself as lucky to sign the drama which earned him Best Drama Actor in both Critics’ Choice & Golden Globes Awards.