Freddie Highmore on the new season of Bates Motel.

HitBerryPublished on   01 May, 2016Updated on   03 May, 2021

Freddie Highmore on the new season of Bates Motel. Are you ready?

Freddie Highmore explores the ‘Psycho’ evolution of Norman Bates along with Vera Farmiga.

It is time now to bid goodbye to the innocent Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) that was worth saving because he is slowly reaching the point of no return in the fourth season premiere of “Bates Motel,” titled, “A Danger to Himself and Others.”

Norman’s as in Highmore’s confusion regarding what is real and what is fake portrays him as a huge problem for his mother. Finally, his mental health finally gets the attention that it deserves when Norman is detained at the country’s mental facility.

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Nestor Carbonell, who portrays Sheriff Romero clears up about the complexities that are held by the mental health system today. Every single case is different and how they will be explored in season four.

“You know what’s great about the season is that we explore mental health and it doesn’t sound so cinematic, but really the way that it’s been written explores treatment and I think it needed to be addressed at some point,” Carbonell states.

On the other hand, Farmiga says that Norma’s fear of abandonment aided in her blindness to Norman’s needs.

“I think what’s really going to separate this season from the rest is that they’ve really been interconnected so I think what we’re going to see is autonomy this year and separation and a disconnectedness and it reaches that boiling point in episode two,” Farmiga reveals.

Freddie Highmore is a young actor who is just 24 years old. The actor shares that he re-watches the classic film between seasons as his own personal ritual before filming.

 “I think it is great as an actor to have that sense of impending doom because you can play against it and that’s what the writing is so clever at doing as well,” Highmore says. “You can set Norman up to be the nicest guy possible because in the back of people’s minds, as they watch, is the sense of ‘we know what is really going to happen.'” According to Z

The show is awesome “Bates Motel” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.

Here is a video showing Bates Motel: What to Expect in Season 4.