The Fox News Host Charles Krauthammer Net Worth and Lifestyle

The American syndicated columnist and author Charles Krauthammer is famous for winning the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. He is a famous political commentator and the non-practicing physician who is one of the best thinkers of current political scenario.


The American columnist has an estimated net worth of $8 million and people are seeking to know all about his lifestyle. So, keep scrolling to gather more information regarding his net worth, career, salary, and so on.

Charles Krauthammer Net worth

Looking at his booming career and hard work, we can say that Charles has definitely made a fortune for himself. He has an estimated net worth of $8 million. However, his salary has not been disclosed yet, but we can say that Charles definitely deserves each penny of his net worth.

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Currently, Charles is 67 years young and has already achieved a lot of success through his hard work. He was paralyzed below the waist at the waist at 20 and has been in the wheelchair since then.

Charles Krauthammer Career, Awards, and Achievements

After a few years at Massachusetts General Hospital, he quit the practice of the psychiatry and moved to Washington in order to direct the planning in the psychiatric research under Carter administration. 

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He used to contribute some of his writings to The New Republic. His writing was appreciated and a year later, he joined The New Republic as the writer and the editor. Charles writing started getting a lot of recognition across the country and started writing essays for the Time Magazine. His quality content earned him the nation praise.

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Well, his work was so impressive that he was voted one of the top fifty influential journalists in nationals press crops. Due to some controversies, there were rumors of him being fired but that went on to become a lie.

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Charles is a person with dynamic personality and his biggest achievements would be winning the Pulitzer Prize. He is also the winner of Irving Krystal Award. Thus, he has a big list of awards and achievements to his name.

Ten Facts about Charles Krauthammer

1. Charles Krauthammer was born on March 13, 1950, in New York City, U.S.
2.  He completed his studies from McGill University.
3. While in his first year at Harvard Medical School he permanently paralyzed.
4. Charles mother is from and Belgium and his father is from Ukraine.
5. In 1974, he married Robyn who is a lawyer.
6. Charles is Jewish but it is not religious.
7. In the mid-1980s he has gained first attention to use the phrase "Regan Doctrine".
8. During 2006, Charles wrote a column "Let Israel win the War".
9. He presented what he believed in the primary arguments against the war.
10. Charles predicted that he would have a "credibility problem" if weapons of the mass destruction which is found in Iraq on April 22, 2003.