FC Barcelona Playmaker Andres Iniesta, net worth, salary, cars, house, deals, and earning Disclosed

February 15, 2018
First Published On: February 15, 2018

Firstly we would like to introduce the unbreakable central mid-fielder and the playmaker, Andres Iniesta who officially plays for the Spanish International team and Spanish club Fc Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi.

Like other Barcelona Superstar, Andres Iniesta has millions of fans willing to know his net worth. In this column, we are going to know all about Andres Iniesta's salary and contract. His incomes, earning salaries, and bonuses are commendable. Stick with us to know his earnings in detail. 

Andres Iniesta Net worth salary, and endorsements deals

With the commitment and his dedication, the Spain midfielder has made a huge impact in the football.

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According to the Richest, Andres Iniesta has earned a massive amount of money from his football career and her net worth is estimated to be around $86 million. Further, his salary is estimated to be $13 million. 

[ CAPTION: Andres Iniesta ][ SOURCE: FC Barcelona ]

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The Spanish star has signed different endorsements deals with the online forex broker UFX.com for two years and is the Brand Ambassador for Nissan as the result of the union of Nissan and Champions Leauge. He has earned around $180,000 from his endorsements deal with Nissan.

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Andres Iniesta has also penned a multi-million dollar deal with Fifa video game, and US sportswear manufactured by Nike.

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[ CAPTION: Andres Iniesta sponsor with Nike ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

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Andres Iniesta Sources of Income

We all know that Andres Iniesta is a professional football player and how he makes money is no secret. Andres Iniesta plays for Fc Barcelona from his entire career and led his team to many victories.

[ CAPTION: Andres Iniesta ][ SOURCE: The Sun ]

Talking about his salary and weekly wage, he has pulled $190,000 from Barcelona every week bonuses considered.

Andres Iniesta Cars Collections 

The Spanish star, Iniesta has a wide variety of vehicles which includes an Audi Q7 worth of $66,685, further, he owns an Audi A7 worth of $70,675, and a Buggati Veyron priced $14 million.

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Moreover, he also owns a BMW worth $44,295. He further owns a Nissan pulsar which was gifted to him after he penned an endorsement deal with the car producer.

Andres Iniesta Houses 

Andres Iniesta is known as a modest character living a simple man. He owned a house in Barcelona. The house is believed to have a swimming pool, five bedrooms, and a chapel which was put up for sale by the Spaniard because the place was rumored to be haunted.

[ CAPTION: Iniesta Haunted House ][ SOURCE: Cloud Front ]

Andres Iniesta has also bought a house on and a vineyard on Airbnb in Castilla-La-Mancha. Andres Iniesta's vineyard is undoubtedly what's outside rather than the interior property is simple yet subtle, ensuring the guests has all the amenities to get by.

Andres Iniesta Contract

Andres Iniesta has signed a "lifetime" contract with Barcelona which will keep him in the club for the remainder of his career. At the age of 12, he joined FC Barcelona and made his first-team debut in October 2002.

[ CAPTION: Andres Iniesta Signing with Barcelona ][ SOURCE: Talking Baws ]

Since 2015, he has been the team's captain and has shared the record with Lionel Messi winning 30 titles with FC Barcelona. After Signing the new deal with Barcelona, Iniesta said:

"Everyone can understand someone who is 33 or might start to consider thing but never thought, 'I am Leaving, 'and it was more start to consider things up: he has said in a news conference when he was asked why he had taken so long for an agreement to be reached".

[ CAPTION: Andres Iniesta ][ SOURCE: Daily Mirror ]

So we can say that this is an indescribable sensation, to start his career with one of the biggest soccer clubs at an early age of 12 and still remain there at the age of 33. We are sure if he thinks back on everything that happened in his journey to becoming the GOAT, it surely should give him goosebumps.

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