Argentinian star Lionel Messi rethinks about his international retirement after various petition

HitBerryPublished on   05 Jul, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

I like Buffon. He’s 38 and still rocking- both in Juventus and  in his international plays. Italy has not won any major competition since the 2006 world cup. Having lost in the group stages in two consecutive World Cup and the 4-0 defeat in the finals of 2012 Euro by the winner Spain, Buffon definitely didn’t give in to his emotion. Even at the late thirties, Buffon is planning to play at least two more years.

Same goes with Germany. One can easily agree that Germany is one of the best team in the world, if not the best. They, too, have faced similar consequences. Finals in 2002 World Cup, Semifinal in 2006 World Cup,  2008 Euro Cup final, another semifinal in 2010 World Cup, these are instances Germany came close to winning, we definitely didn’t hear anyone give in to their emotion with half-assed retirement, did we?

And here we are with Messi, resigning after his loss, that too halfhearted. When he announced his retirement after the loss to Chile, the whole world stood with their mouth open. He is just 29 and has at least 5 years. Just like the previous Copa America, Argentina lost in final against Chile, except this time it was greatly contributed to Messi's penalty miss.

A few weeks earlier, it became a sensation when Messi said he won’t be playing the international game anymore. Although his team mate Sergio Romero did state that his decision was made out of emotion, it was enough to make it the topic of the month. We have to agree, even Real Madrid wanted him to undo his retirement notice.

Regarding this, various petition has been popping out from fans who are insisting this Argentinian maestro to take back his words.

"The national team is over for me. It's not for me after four finals. The decision is made, I believe."

Lionel Messi after missing Penalty in Copa America 2016 final                                                                      Source:

We get you Messi but let’s not make a decision out of frustration. While many have been criticizing his indecisiveness, the reason Argentina lost in the final is because they made it all the way to the final and it’s greatly because of Messi. Not that they lost because of him; they got in the final because of him. Despite proclaimed to be out of the world or even alien, he is, after all, just a human and the major limitation about human is their own limitation. Messi is not a robot, he won’t give the same output every time, and there is pressure and burden too which might have got to him. Regardless, the main thing is he took Argentina football where it is today, that’s all that matters.

Having said that the fan didn’t take it for granted and immediate online petition was popping out. Fans are appealing his return.

But it was not only the fans who demanded this Argentinian’s return. Even the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri joined the band wagon, and why not? Messi is not only the pinnacle of football but also Argentina’s treasure. Perhaps when we talk about Argentina three things pops into mind- Football, Maradona and Messi, and that to say, is incredible.

'I spoke with him to congratulate him and tell him he had done a great championship, revealed Mr. Mauricio 'I don't understand. The truth is that it's a joy, a gift from God, to have the best player in the world in a country like ours. Messi is the biggest thing we have in Argentina, so you have to take care of him.'


Similarly, the great Pele who listed Messi in the Fifa 100 greatest player was also one of the people who wished this player to return.

In the last 10 years, no doubt he was the best player. What happened to him happens in football. Only the one who kicks the penalty can miss the penalty.

Things went even more absurd when even his arch-enemy Cristiano Ronaldo passed on a comment. In Mundo Deporvito Ronaldo had this to say-
“Messi has taken a tough decision and people should understand. He is not accustomed to defeats and disappointments, not even finish the second. Missing a penalty does not make you a bad player”.
That’s a great statement coming from the bitter rival.

It is under a mass speculation that this 5 times Fifa Ballon d’Or Messi will heed the word of his fans and other players. We sure hope that’s the case. We would surely like to see him in November in World Cup 2018 Qualifier