Football star Brent Grimes' wife Miko Grimes arrested, married since 2010

American Footballer Brent Grimes is well known for making shocking contract signings and amazing plays. He was also considered to be the comeback player of the 2014-15 NFL season.

The NFL star, who is used to being on the news and being confronted by media, this time was in the news in for something his wife had done.

Miko Grimes family life

His wife Miko Grimes was recently arrested just outside the Sun Life Stadium for entering into a restricted area, even after repeated warnings.

Some witness even stated that she was actually arrested for violating the restricted parameter and head-butting a police officer.

The police have released a report, which states that Miko tried to walk into a restricted area, even after repetitive warnings by officers.

Miko apparently ignored the warnings and did not take them seriously. She continued to walk to her destination like she owned the property.

After the officers felt she had been warned enough, a female officer grabbed her arm and stopped her. In response, Miko began cursing at her and tried to head–butt the officer.

She was immediately put to the ground, where she continued to behave in an uncivilized manner.

While on the ground, she managed to head- butt one officer and then was threatened by a “taser”. She finally managed to calm down and was taken to a precinct in Miami, where she waited to see the judge.

Miko has been charged with disorderly conduct, subsequently resisting violence and further more battery on a police officer.

Brent, luckily, wasn’t present when the team heard about it in the locker room. Brent made no comments to the media or public when asked about the incident.

Brent hasn't had any problems on the field. And since he joined the Dolphins back in 2013, he has proven himself to be the league’s premier cornerbacks.

He is also considered to be the back bone of the team and fans and pundits claim that he is the best player in the team, without any doubt.

Brent, at the beginning of his professional career, was considered not to be good enough to play in America. Coaches even told him to head to Europe to play football, where he shone on the field and went on to prove everyone wrong.

His fame and abilities soon could not go unnoticed by the team back home and he was called back to start games for them.

Many believe that if the team had decide in calling back Brent way earlier, the team would have done far better than they did in the first season after Brent returned.

Brent has been married to Miko since the year 2010. They have a four year old daughter. He falls among the shorter players in the NFL and is less than 5 feet 9 inches in height.

He is one of the highest paid Dolphin’s players and is currently receiving $32 million over four years in salary. His Twitter handle is very hard to locate as he seldom tweets and there are a number of fan accounts with his name.

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