Five interesting facts about Kerry Bishé

Jessica GomezPublished on   14 Mar, 2018Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

An American actress, Kerry Bishé is best known for her lead role as Donna Clark in the series Halt and Catch Fire. Kerry has been achieving success since the year 2007 and has been sailing onward with a successful career. Here we present five interesting facts about the Kerry Bishé.


Kerry started her screen debut in 2007 in a very low budget production The Half-Life of Mason Lake. So without any delay let’s know five interesting facts about Kerry Bishé.

Five facts you need to know about Kerry Bishé

Kerry Bishé was born in 1984, May 1 in New Zealand. She completed her high school graduation from Montclair Kimberly Academy. And then she attended Northwestern University in 2002.

Kerry Bishé- Likes Doing New Things

Well as a private loving woman, Kerry, there are few pieces of information regarding her life. But by observing her Instagram, it’s very clear that she is a very adventurous woman.

It was reported that her passions always include doing something innovative and exciting. As the aspect becomes more highlighted with the photo above, she shared via Instagram:

CAPTION: Kerry Bishé- Likes Doing New Things SOURCE: Entity Mag

Talking about her hobbies, Kerry, in mid-2015 she decided to build a canoe. Kerry explained that she took it out on a little lake up in Massachusetts and it floats beautifully. She even elaborated the reason that made her decide to build a boat.

Speciously, the 16-foot Sassafras canoe was a birthday present, not for others but for herself. As she posted a photo of the big boat on her Instagram. And explained: the foreign-looking objects in her caption were “homemade boat blocks for her homemade boat.

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Kerry Bishé- Was in Scrubs until it was canceled

When Kerry came onto the crew and performed fairly, she took over the narrator role from Zach Braff- an American actor and filmmaker. Many viewers thought were probably used to with Zach and his unique style and this could be one of the reasons for the new season of Scrubs for not performing well.

A lot of fans get used to one thing and don’t want it to change. And unfortunately, in 2010, the show was canceled.

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Kerry Bishé- Relationship

Well, Kerry is in a romantic relationship with Chris Lowell. It is said that there is very strong chemistry between an actress and actor and this couple, Kerry and Chris look wonderful together. Don’t you think so?

CAPTION: Chris Lowell & Girlfriend Kerry Bishé SOURCE: Just Jared

Furthermore, the couple has a busy life, so stay committed to their schedule. Sometimes they travel different places and hasn’t kept their sweet and hilarious moment limited as they share photos on Instagram.

Kerry Bishé- Living with Chris Lowell in Soho Apartment

In December 2015, Chris sold his apartment and bought a flexible duplex bachelor pad in Greenwich. He bought that apartment to share with his girlfriend Kerry as they spent $2.25 million.

According to a city document, they picked up a unique property at 196 Sixth Avenue only for $2.25 million. What do you think?

CAPTION: Kerry Bishé- Living with Chris Lowell in Soho Apartment SOURCE: Pinterest

Kerry Bishé- Played On-Screen spouse of Scoot McNairy

Kerry played the onscreen wife to Scoot McNairy in Argo and Halt and Catch Fire. As per the reports, they have some chemistry which used to be a very strong advantage for the film. They were very much liked by their fans.

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CAPTION: Kerry Bishé- Played On-Screen spouse of Scoot McNairy SOURCE: TV Guide

Although they were not an off-screen couple as their chemistry in the movie look as they were a couple.