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Top Five facts about an American Actor, Scoot McNairy

March 2, 2018
First published on:March 2, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American actor and producer, Scoot McNairy is ruling over Hollywood for more than a decade. Here, we present you five interesting facts about Scoot which will surely blow your mind.


Besides being a spectacular actor, he also worked as a producer- In Search of a Midnight Kiss, A Night in the Woods, Angry White Man, The Off Hours, Angry White Man and much more. So, without any delay, let’s know the quick five facts about Scoot McNairy.

Five facts you need to know about Scoot McNairy

Scott McNairy was born on 11 November 1977 in Dallas, Texas, to Alicia Ann McNairy and Stewart Hall McNairy. Scott did theater in after-school programs.

5. Scoot McNairy- Worked as Carpenter and Designer on film sets

Well this fact might get hidden from you but it’s true that Scoot worked as a Carpenter and Designer on the film set but with his big dream, he became famous for his role in Halt and Catch Fire.

[ CAPTION: Scoot McNairy- Worked as Carpenter and Designer on film ][ SOURCE: Michele Karpé Represents ]

As his experience on film sets didn’t afford him lots of chances to act, but it gave him an idea for what to expect since he was around it. We know that experience could be one of the best teachers but sometimes it looks wise to gain some schooling for the role to make it more credible.

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4. Scoot McNairy- Didn’t receive any formal acting coaching

Unlike many actors, Scoot didn’t receive any type of formal coaching, as he moved and aimed experience on the fly. Well, it’s quite impressive but it could be a serious mark against him as some directors do care about the acting pedigree. Scoot was interested to film when he goes to dyslexia school for 4 years and there he described himself as a visual learner.

[ CAPTION: Scoot McNairy- Didn’t receive any formal acting coaching ][ SOURCE: Vanity Fair ]

3. Scoot McNairy- Signed for True Detective’s 3rd season

Scoot McNairy whose credits include critically acclaimed series like GodlessHalt And Catch Fire, and Fargo is about to add next prestige cable project to resume him. As per the report of Deadline, Scoot will soon be joining Mahershala Ali on the new season of True Detective, portraying as grieving father whose life intersects with the anthology series’ latest case across a multi-decade period.

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2. Scoot McNairy- Living a happy married life with his wife

Scoot is living a happy married life with his wife, Whitney Able- an American actress and model since 2010. The couple is known as one of the rarest who exceptionally good both on and off stage. They have been featured in many movies as they love working together and they are actually a loving couple in real life too.

[ CAPTION: Scoot McNairy- Living a happy married life with his wife][ SOURCE: ]

1. Scoot McNairy- Interested in Photography and Cinematography

Since the very beginning of Scoot’s career, he was interested in cinematography and photography, McNairy moved to Los Angeles to go to film school. He attended for a year but he was dropped out. But he didn't lose his self-confident and then he began working in film production by working as carpentry and building film sets. 

[ CAPTION: Scoot McNairy- Interested in Photography and Cinematogr ][ SOURCE: ]

Today we have some of the five short facts about Scoot as a bonus pack. Here's the short list of five facts about Scoot.

  • Scoot’s father nicknamed him Scooty because he used to scoot on his bottom across the floor.

  • Scoot McNairy moved to Los Angeles to study build sets, but he started getting parts in commercials, and very soon he concentrated on acting. 

  • Scott co-starred with his Whitney Able in Gareth Edwards Monsters (2010) and he earned a Best Actor nomination in- British Independent Film Awards.

  • In 2010, Scoot moved from Los Angeles with his wife to a 25-acre ranch in his native Texas, where he told the society that he was a lavender farmer.

  • Scoot was the winner of Screen Actors Guild Awards for his Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

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