Five Facts you need to know about Lisa Boothe

Lisa Marie Boothe aka Lisa Boothe is a Republican Strategist and political announcer. She is also a contributor to the Washington Examiner. Here we present you five interesting five facts about Lisa Boothe.


One of the top television personalities in America, Lisa Boothe is currently famous for her work as a network contributor for the Fox News Channel. So without any delay, let’s know five exciting facts about Lisa Boothe. Just stick with us.

Five facts you need to Know about Lisa Boothe

Lisa Boothe was born on October 26, 1977. During her high school level, she used to play hockey and lacrosse. She even won two state championship ring, but she tore her anterior cruciate ligament while she was about to build her career as a player.

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Lisa Boothe- Worked on Political Campaigns

Besides being a political commentary, Lisa also has experience working on the political campaigns. As per the LinkedIn Page, she also served as the communications director for Sandy Adams. She also has spent two years working under Adams.

CAPTION: Lisa Boothe- Worked on Political Campaigns SOURCE: Fox News Insider

Lisa was also the part of Adams’ re-election campaign, but Adams was ultimately defeated in November 2012. Lisa was also hired as communications director for Congressman Mark Meadow. And after working for three months, she worked for Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito.

Lisa Boothe- Dating John Bourbonia Cummins

Yes, you read out right. Lisa is in a relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins- It’s almost sure that they are dating each other for a very long time. There were no rumors regarding her relationship but after a very long time, her mysterious love life came to the spotlight after she posted a picture vis Facebook and in one of the comment, there was something which cleared about her relationship. Wanna Look? Here is it:

CAPTION: Lisa Boothe- Dating John Bourbonia Cummins SOURCE: Facebook

Although Lisa’s social media also has no any detail about her dating any person. But the photo there was a reference to Lisa relationship with her boyfriend- John Bourbonia Cummins. In the comment on the picture followed by an emoji :). So what do you think?

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Lisa Boothe’s Family- Everything for her

In an interview, Lisa said that her family is everything for her. She is truly blessed to have a loving, close-knit family. Her parents raised her along with her three brothers with a slogan of support and loved each other, no matter what will happen in their life.

Boothe added that her family has expanded in the past years because of the additional sister-in-law and their baby.

CAPTION: Lisa Boothe with her older brother SOURCE: Instagram

Lisa Boothe- Made some headlines against Hillary Clinton

Back in 207, Lisa made some headlines against Hillary Clinton. She said, “Hillary Clinton would sell her daughter if it meant she could become president.”

In the Fox News Channel, Lisa described Hillary as one of the most soulless women on the planet earth, who will sell her daughter to be president. But the comment didn’t earn much attention as Hillary’s daughter- Chelsea Clinton responded it via Twitter.

Lisa Boothe- Contributor to Fox News & The Washington Examiner

Since March 2016 Lisa has been stating her conservative views through op-eds in The Washington Examiner. In October 2016, she joined Fox News as a contributor.

And after then, Lisa appeared as a panelist on The Five. In May, she filled in for the regular host with Eboni Williams. And after that, she filled in for regular host Katherine Timpf.

Youtube: Fox News Hannity

So today we have brought for you some of the short five interesting facts about Lisa Boothe which will help you to know her more personally.

  • Lisa had a degree in Political Science and graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

  • Lisa Boothe is the founder and the president of the "High Noon Strategies- a communication firm.

  • Lisa also works for The Fortune 500- a corporation which is listed on the 500 largest corporations of US.

  • Lisa also works as the vice-president WPA Research and led the polling efforts political campaigns through the country.

  • Lisa has a capability to win a debate discussion.