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Does Lisa Boothe has a Boyfriend? Any possible husband or affairs? Who's she dating?

July 9, 2017
First published on:November 21, 2016
by John

Lisa Boothe is a political commentator and a Republican strategist; she usually features on CNN, Fox Business and Fox News. She is also the founder and president of ‘High Noon Strategies’. As to her relationship status, Lisa hasn’t revealed stuffs regarding her husband or any sorta affairs. But there are some things that you would wanna know. Stay tuned.

Who is she dating?

Because she is too much concerned about her private stuffs, Lisa might not want people to know about her personal life. Cuz you know, people would talk about them or judge them on this matter. So, maybe it might be the reason why she didn’t share her stuffs with outsiders. The right thing to call it is ‘She is a closed box’ and no one besides her close ones can enter the premise. Lol

Source: instagram

Did she have any affairs lately?

Well, if you go through her Instagram pictures, neither are there any signs of her dating stuffs nor any pictures that she had a ring on. I think even if she had affairs, she wouldn’t share it on her social sites. Like I said, she is really secretive about these things.

You know it is really frustrating when people you wanna know don’t share much of their stuffs. Don’t you agree! I know right. But hey, I am gonna share some pictures with you guys that you would like to see.

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

About Lisa Boothe

At present, she is the founder and president at ‘High Noon Strategies’. They are a boutique political communications and public affairs firm; they select best strategies for you and help you develop it. If we talk about her experience, we might run outta words, but I am gonna tell you some of it; she was a vice president of political polling and public affairs research, was a senior director, a communications director, assistant press secretary, staff assistant, and more.

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