Five Facts you need to know about Eva Green

A French model and actress, Eva Green is best known for her role as Sibylla in the Kingdom of Heaven. You can check five interesting facts about the actress, Eva Green.


In the year 2001, Eva appeared on stage in Jalousie en Trois Fax and for which she was nominated for a Molière Award. So without any delay let’s get on the topic which deals five interesting facts about Eva Green in detail.

Five facts you need to know about Eva Green

Eva Green was born on 6 July 1980 in Paris, France. She was born two-min than her twin sister, Joy. Eva was raised in French and attended the American University of Paris. At the age of 14 when Eva saw Isabelle Adjani in The Story of Adele H., and from that day she decided to be an actress.

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Eva Green- Studied acting and directing

When Eva was 14 years old, she decided to be an actress after watching Isabelle Adjani in The Story of Adele H. Her mother didn’t support her at first but later on came to support. And with the huge support of her mother and family, she continued her study at St. Paul Drama School.

[ CAPTION: Eva Green- Studied acting and directing ][ SOURCE: HollyWood Stars ]

She even took an acting course at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. After that, she returned to Paris where she participated in many plays. When she was in drama school, she used to pick the evils roles.

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Eva Green- Often feels reluctant to take roles

Eva said herself that she was reluctant to take the role, and even sometimes she chose to not audition early in the process, and the fun part is that the role came back to her. After reading the script and realizing Vesper Lynd (the character) was deeper than the Bond girls, she agreed to a screen test and then received the part.

[ CAPTION: Eva Green as Vesper Lynd ][ SOURCE: F This Movie! ]

Eva Green- Was behaved Inappropriately by Harvey Weinstein

Well among many actresses involved in Harvey Weinstein scalded, Eva Green is also among them. Green was forced to push off disgraced film producer Harvey and was shocked and disgusted by the incident in which she alleges Harvey made an inappropriate advance.

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[ CAPTION: Eva Green- Was behaved Inappropriately by Harvey Weinst ][ SOURCE: Daily Express ]

Green said that she met him for a business meeting in Paris where Harvey behaved inappropriately and she pushed him off. She got away without it going further, but the experience left her shocked and disgusted.

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Eva Green- An International sex symbol

Well, after Eva’s break out role in the movie Casino Royale, she came out as an international sex symbol. She is listed as the hottest woman. She even ranked as 6th Sexiest Star in the history of film of Empire Magazine.

[ CAPTION: Eva Green- An International sex symbol ][ SOURCE: Ground Zero Web ]

It’s about the year 2007 where Eve was listed at number 18 for the top 50 most beautiful women in film. She even was ranked number 2 on its list of 50 most talented, funny, intelligent and gorgeous Jewish women in the world.

Eva Green- Consider herself Nerdy

Well if you are wondering about the term Nerdy than it’s normally a person seen as overly obsessive, intellectual or lacking social skills. And this actress considers herself Nerdy. She said that whenever she met people first, she was found very cold as she keeps at a distance by herself. Green lived alone and leads a low profile life when she’s not working.