Five Facts you need to know about Caleb McLaughlin

Jessica GomezPublished on   19 Feb, 2018Updated on   22 Apr, 2021

An American actor, Caleb McLaughlin is best known as the Lucas Sinclair in the hit Netflix hit series, Stranger Things. Scroll down to know five fun facts about Caleb McLaughlin in detail.


Well, Caleb first began in his acting career after appearing in the short film North Dreams of Original Fortune in 2012. But he is popular for his role in the Stranger Things. Now, let’s get into the topic which deals five fun facts about the actor, Caleb McLaughlin. Let’s get started:

Five facts you need to know about Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb McLaughlin was born on 13th October 2001 in Caramel, New York. He even studied dance for a year in NY and also The Harlem School of the Arts under the former The Lion King's original cast member, Aubrey Lynch.

Caleb McLaughlin- Acting beyond the imagination

Yes, it true that Caleb didn’t dream that he would be an actor of the super hit Netflix series- Stranger Things. Although he started acting and dancing at the very young, age acting was beyond his imagination.

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However, Caleb sometimes thinks to be Simba on Boardway. As the character, Simba is the fictional character who appears in Disney’s The Lion King franchise, and fortunately, he played the role of Young Simba in The Lion King for two years on stage. And that’s the reason that he joined The Harlem School of the Arts under the original cast member of The Lion King- Aubrey Lynch.

Caleb McLaughlin- Self- Stated ladies’ man

Well, we are not sure about the facts of Caleb being as much of a ladies man, but we are pretty sure that he played an outstanding job role in The New Edition Story. If you are wondering about Caleb being a self-stated ladies’ man then the topic of self-stated appeared form The New Edition Story, where he said:

I sing and I dance, but he’s a ladies man, and I’m a ladies man too, but I’m not as slick and smooth as he is. But I became to be more slick and smooth as he is by learning the character.

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Caleb McLaughlin- A rising star

We are pretty sure about the facts that the series Stranger Things have changed the dream and personal style of the child actors like Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard and many more.

And the actors seem to be rising quickly in the field of acting. Don’t you think so? And at the very young age, Caleb has been popular for his personal style, and the inspiration of his style is Russell Westbrook.

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Caleb McLaughlin- Has Germaphobe

Germaphobe is the condition of having an extreme fear of germs and a fascination with hygiene. And Caleb is the person with an extreme fear of germ. McLaughlin revealed his condition in the interview with

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Caleb McLaughlin’s affection- Video Game

Most of we love Stranger Things and Caleb loves video game because it gives him a chance to understand a different world which is beyond his imagination and he even loves more to hang out with his friends online.

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Here we present you five bonus facts about Caleb McLaughlin. Check it out:
  • Caleb McLaughlin began his career on stage and got his start on Broadway.

  • Caleb McLaughlin singing talent was refined by the original cast member of The Lion King Aubrey Lunch.

  • The character Lucas Sinclair was not the fans favorite at first.

  • Caleb McLaughlin played in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on the East team.

  • Caleb’s salary increased from the series Stranger Things as he now earns a salary of $30,000 per episode.