Five Facts of (Wonder Woman) Gal Gadot's husband Yaron Versano, Wedding Ring, Meeting

May 1, 2018
First Published On: October 30, 2017
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Wonder Woman and Gisele' Gal Gadot has one of the cutest love stories with her husband Yaron Versano. Galdot and Versano have been together for more than 10 years.


Miss Israel 2004, Gal is living a happy married life with her husband Yaron and are blessed with two daughters. So if you wanna know more about Yaron Versano then just be with us.

Five Facts of Gal Gadot's husband Yaron Versano

Yaron Versano is an Israeli real estate developer and has been involved in some major real estate deals. He was born on 28th June 1978 and went to school at the International School of Amsterdam.

Later, he went to college at the New York Institute of Technology and later moved to Tel Aviv.

Yaron Varsano sold his hotel over $25 million

The 42-year-old Israeli businessman and a real estate developer, Yaron Varsano is sometimes spelled Yaron Versano in the media. He had bought a grand hotel called Versano Hotel located at Shabazi St 11, 65150, with his brother Guy.

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And they sold the hotel to Russian Businessman Roman Abramovich for $25 million.

Yaron Versano met Gal Gadot at a yoga retreat

The Israeli desert doesn't seem like the most romantic place for a meet, but the couple, Versano and Gadot's story started there. The couple met through their, mutual friend at this very strange party in the Israeli desert and the strange party was all about yoga, chakras and eating healthy.

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Gal Gadot said," We didn't exactly find ourselves there, but we found each other."

It's a secret how Yaron Versano proposed Gal Gadot

Yaron and Gal's relationship seems like a fairy tale in the eyes of public but they still choose to keep some parts private. Gadot said that Versano proposed in a VERY SPECIAL way, but kept quiet about the rest.

Instagram: Yaron Versano and Gal Gadot

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On 13th Oct 2016, Gadot celebrated the new renovations of the Tiffany & Co. A flagship store in LA. She was asked about her favorite memory with jewelry, she answered that it was the first time she wore her wedding ring.

Yaron Versano and Gal Have Ten years of gap

Yaron and Gal's love story clarifies that when you truly love someone, age doesn't matter. Whether it's a difference of 2 years or 10 years. Love is love.

Instagram: Yaron Versano and Gal Gadot

[ CAPTION: Yaron Versano and Gal Gadot ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

When Gal was asked about the age difference, she said:

"He’s 10 years older than me. He told me on our second date he was serious and wasn’t going to wait more than two years to ask me to marry him. Fast-forward two years; he proposed. We were married in 2008,”.

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Yaron Versano was born and raised in Amsterdam

Although Yaron Versano is born to Israeli parents, he was actually born in Amsterdam, Holland. He has had Israeli nationality as well as being a practitioner of Judaism. But he grew up outside of Israel.

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He was educated at the International School of Amsterdam and graduated from the New York Institute of Technology before moving to his current residence in Tel Aviv.

It looks as if Gal Gadot is the luckiest woman in the world because she has the world's coolest husband.