Find out Jaimie Alexander's Net Worth, Salary, Career and Award

HitBerryPublished on   30 Oct, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

Not everyone who enters Hollywood is guaranteed success. Jamie Alexander who is best known for her roles in TV series like Kyle XY, Sif, etc. has received a great success in her field. And today, we are going to talk about her success story including her net worth and income.

Jamie started her career officially since 2003 and had starred in many TV series as well as films since then. Continuing her great work, she was even able to win some awards for her movies. Let’s know in detail about her net worth, salary; how she spends her income and the awards she’s won till date.

Jaimie Alexander's Net Worth and Salary

As of 2017, Jaimie Alexander’s net worth is estimated to be a total of US $4 Million. Her net worth is increasing drastically since 2012. According to the data, as of 2012 was somewhere around $2.2 million, whereas, in 2013, it increased up to $3.2 million. Similarly, in 2014, her estimated net worth was $3.4 million, and since 2015, her net worth is constant to $4 million.

Talking about her salary, she earns $470 thousand annually which brings up to $39,200 monthly earning and $9800 weekly. The data suggests that in a single day, she makes a total of 1,400 USD which is indeed a huge amount one can earn in a day!

Jaimie Alexander's career and award

During her school times, Jaimie took acting and theater just for fun. She was even kicked out of the stage because of her inability to sing. At the age of 17, she met her manager Randy James who gave her some scripts. Then, she went to Los Angeles to start her career in acting.

Jaimie Alexander Jaimie Alexander, Source: tripzap

Jaimie’s official career started from the year 2003 when she got a leading role in a low budget but the award-winning movie, “The Other Side”. Her second role was in the film ‘Squirrel Trap’ where she played as Sara. She continued doing roles in various series as well as movies including a guest appearance in ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.'

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Soon after that, she started to proceed in more significant roles in the series like ‘Standoff,' ‘Watch over me’ etc. Similarly, she has appeared in some other movies and series as well. Her most famous role was of ‘Jessi’ on a TV show ‘Kyle XY.' In this way, she had earned a huge success in her life as an actress and has been able to reach her net worth to four million dollars.