Find out Jaden Smith' Ex- Girlfriend Sarah Snyder's Dating Life and Past Affairs

HitBerryPublished on   10 Sep, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Everyone might be familiar with Will Smith, I guess so. No doubt, you will know about his son, Jaden Smith who is an American actor. As he is a son of legendary Will Smith and prettiest Jada Pinkett Smith, he will definitely be followed for everything he does.

If you talk about Jaden Smith's dating and relationship, Sarah Snyder might be a common name at all. So, today we will let you people know about Jaden Smith's ex- girlfriend Sarah Snyder. You know, Jaden Smith was the perfect choice to put her arms on.

Jaden Smith' Ex- Girlfriend Sarah Snyder Dating

Jaden Smith came to Hollywood after screening for the movie " The Pursuit of Happiness" which quickly made a major hit worldwide. Furthermore, he also starred in the remake of the movie "The Karate Kid".

As for the love life of Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder, they were regarded as one of the most admired teenage couples in 2015. Until September, the couple hadn't revealed their relation and were secretly loving each other from long before.

Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder, source: holloywoodlife

The pair officially came in public while attending the NY Fashion Week’s Gypsy Sports runway show. Little did they know, media caught a picture of them kissing. Honestly, if we say, they look too adorable and many youngsters took them as a relationship goal.

Jaden and Sarah, source :Celebfresh

Sarah's reputation is not all creditable to her modeling career but after she became Jaden's girlfriend, it all hiked up. But sadly, Snyder was caught sleeping with Gunner, photographer by profession and things went wrong in between Smith and Snyder.

Sarah Snyder With Another Guy

However, that isn't the reason they parted their ways. In fact, the couple already broke up two months earlier. Apparently, they were growing apart from each other.

Needless to say,  Jaden and Sarah cleared up the understanding. That lets us put no blame in Sarah nor Jaden.

In between all these tough time, there were also several rumors of Jaden Smith committing suicide hit the internet. Obviously, it was a false alarm for the fans. Shocked?

Sarah Snyder and Jaden Smith's Cozy Moments Together

It's sad that Snyder and Smith are no longer dating each other. But remember the time they were taken as one of the role couples for many teenagers out there. Their millions of fans were right waiting over for their photos together.

We too have collected few posts and pictures of Smith and Snyder together. Have a look:


Sarah Snyder's Affairs &Relationship

Jaden Smith' ex-girlfriend Sarah Snyder dated the model and the member of fashion influential crew A$AP, Ian Conner. The couple came in highlights in 2014. After spending quality time together, they split up after a year and the reason behind their separation is still not announced.

After she broke up with Ian Conner she got affection with Jaden Smith and the pair also broke up after a certain period of time. Sources claim that Snyder cheated Jaden Smith but then Synder announced, that wasn't what happened.