Farrah Abraham's Romantic Connections: Exploring Her Dating Partners

Farrah Abraham is a well-known American personality, famous for her appearances on reality television shows. She first gained public attention when she appeared on the reality television series "16 and Pregnant" back in 2009. Born on May 31, 1991, in Omaha, Nebraska, her journey into the spotlight began at a young age. 

Apart from her television career, Abraham is also a talented singer and writer. Her dedication and hard work have earned her a net worth of $1 million. With her charm and determination, she continues to make strides in the entertainment industry, inspiring many with her story and accomplishments. Now let's look at her relationship history.

Abraham Is In A Relationship

Farrah Abraham is currently in a happy relationship with Mack Lovat, who happens to be the talented guitarist for the band Minus Gravity. The couple's romance caught the attention of the paparazzi in June 2022 when they were spotted together. 

MackFarrah Abraham with her boyfriend, Mack Lovat SOURCE: YouTube

Surprisingly, Abraham didn't shy away from sharing a photo of the two on her Instagram account. Despite being public figures, they have managed to keep their relationship relatively low-key. She greatly values the fact that he avoids drama and unnecessary attention, as it allows them to focus on their love without any negative impacts on her personal life. Their commitment to each other shines through, and fans are delighted to see them happy together.

Started With Her Current Partner As A Friend

Abraham's relationship with her current partner, Lovat began as a simple friendship. They got to know each other about two years ago in 2020 when he reached out to her through Instagram direct messages. Taking a chance, he asked her out on a date, and they decided to have a Covid-safe outing at a nearby park. The chemistry between them was undeniable, and they enjoyed each other's company so much that they even attended a basketball game together. 

Despite the connection Abraham and Lovat felt, they decided to take things slowly and remained in touch as friends. Over time, their bond grew stronger, and they supported each other through life's ups and downs. As their friendship deepened, they both realized that there might be something more to explore between them. The journey from friends to partners has been a beautiful and gradual one.

Who Was Abraham's Last Boyfriend?

In 2018, Abraham and Aden Stay briefly dated, but their romance didn't last long as they went on only two dates before deciding to part ways. After the breakup, she expressed the importance of being cautious about her dating choices, as some men seemed to be attracted to her success and fame as mentioned in an article from Page Six.  

AdenFarrah Abraham's ex-boyfriend, Aden Stay SOURCE: The Living Banter Podcast YouTube Channel

On the other hand, Stay responded to the situation, clarifying that their split had nothing to do with Abraham's fame or success. He shared that he had no interest in seeking fame for himself and had little knowledge about her reality TV show, which he had never watched or even heard of before meeting her. He spoke kindly of her as a person and mentioned that they had a nice time during the two dates they went on. 

Stay is a renowned stuntman who has worked on blockbuster films like "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," "Logan," and "Wonder Woman 1984," as well as TV series such as "The Walking Dead." He was previously linked to actress Rebel Wilson, but he prefers to keep his personal life private. 

Once Dated John Parra

Farrah Abraham had a brief relationship with John Parra, a radio board operator in 2012. According to her, their romance didn't last because of some issues they faced. He was upset that she didn't want to move too fast in the relationship by not kissing him yet and not dedicating more time to him or relocating to Los Angeles. 

Eventually, Parra texted her, stating that he didn't want to continue talking. Reflecting on the situation, Abraham felt relieved and content with her decision not to get physically involved or commit to someone who seemed controlling and clingy. Her choice to prioritize her boundaries and happiness showed her strength and self-respect.

Troubled Relationship With Simon Saran

Abraham and Simon Saran were in a relationship that lasted from 2014 to April 2017. During this time, he occasionally appeared on the MTV show "Teen Mom OG" and "Ex on the Beach" while they were together for about two years. However, their relationship had its ups and downs. He is a University of California graduate and has worked as the general manager of GPS Motors and CEO of Global Wealth Enterprises

SimonFarrah Abraham's ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran SOURCE: Simon Saran Instagram @simon_23_saran

When Abraham was arrested for allegedly "slapping a security guard" at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood, as mentioned in an article from TMZ, Saran reacted by mocking her on social media. He shared an article about her arrest and made comments suggesting that he wasn't surprised about her trouble with the law. He even went as far as calling her a violent alcoholic. Such public reactions caused controversy and added strain to their already complicated relationship. 

Farrah's Brief Relationship With Marcel Kaminstein

Farrah Abraham had a relationship with Marcel Kaminstein from 2011 to 2012. Marcel is the founder of a company called Live the Tour, which offered tour services. They first connected on the Jewish dating site JDate in 2011. However, as time passed, they realized that they came from very different backgrounds, which ultimately became a reason for their breakup. 

Kaminstein expressed that he didn't see any possibility for reconciliation due to these differences. Despite parting ways romantically, he mentioned that they would remain friends. Sometimes, relationships don't work out due to fundamental incompatibilities, but it's possible to maintain a positive connection with someone and value the friendship they shared. 

Kaminstein had some negative comments to make about Abraham when she made a sex tape. He called it "completely embarrassing" and stated that his friends didn't like her much either, citing her extreme rudeness as a reason. According to him, Farrah came across as a diva, always focused on maintaining a certain image rather than being true to herself. 

Another source close to them also mentioned that Abraham might not have been fully invested in the relationship with Kaminstein and that she might have had other motivations, like using their connection to launch a jewelry line, which was something she had always wanted to do. Such comments shed light on potential issues in their relationship and how they perceived each other. 

Abraham's High School Love Derek Underwood

Farrah Abraham's high school love, Derek Underwood, played a significant role in her life, particularly in her appearance on the reality show "16 and Pregnant." Unfortunately, their relationship faced challenges, and they were separated when Farrah discovered she was pregnant at the tender age of 16. 

While Underwood is never shown on screen in the show, the audience did get to hear phone conversations between the young couple, which offered glimpses into their struggles and emotions. Tragically, His life was cut short when he died in a car accident on December 28th, 2008, just two months before the birth of his daughter, Sophia. He was only 18 years old at the time of his passing, leaving behind a heartbroken family and a young woman about to become a single mother. 

Relationship With Daniel Alvarez

Abraham's relationship with Daniel Alvarez was brief, lasting for only six weeks back in 2012. Their dating experience was documented on "Teen Mom," where it became evident that there were some significant issues between them. She seemed eager for a proposal, pressuring him to commit to marriage. However, it became apparent that he had no intentions of marrying her as for him a healthy and lasting relationship requires time, effort, and nurturing.

The breakup between Abraham and Alvarez occurred after dinner and a night out on the town. According to him, the final straw was a distressing incident where she displayed disrespectful behavior towards a fast-food drive-thru attendant and also targeted two of his closest friends with degrading remarks. Witnessing this unacceptable conduct, he decided it was time to end the relationship.  The cameras, which had been following their lives for the show, didn't capture the breakup. 


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