Stand-up comedian Rebel Wilson dated Mickey Gooch for 3 months, Know about her affairs

December 26, 2016
First published on:December 26, 2016
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Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is an Australian actress, stand-up comedian and writer who began her career in 2003 as Toula on the comedy series named "Pizza" and the sketch comedy series named "The Wedge".  She was also awarded as the "Tropfest Best Actress" for her outstanding role in Bargain.

Comedian- actress Rebel Wilson once fell in love with producer and actor Mickey Gooch for a very short time i. e only 3 months. What went wrong between the couple? Is she dating anyone right now? What is her relationship status?

Stand-up comedian Rebel Wilson and Mickey Gooch

Beautiful comedian Rebel Wilson and handsome producer Mickey Gooch fell in love with each other at a very first sight. The Pitch Perfect 2 stars with the producer and actor started being captured on the camera when the couple started posting their love selfies on Instagram.

The pair was also spotted enjoying a vacation in Ibiza and found hanging out together and having a lot crazy and joyous time but there was something different story written for both of them.

Rebel Wilson and Mickey Gooch decided to split and the couple broke up after dating only for 3 months. As per the news, Rebel Wilson explained that it was all the outer attraction that attracted her towards Mickey Gooch. Now, the attraction has ended which resulted in the split of the relation of Rebel Wilson and Mickey Gooch.

Rebel Wilson with Mickey Gooch

Rebel Wilson with Mickey Gooch

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Stand-up comedian Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas

Rebel Wilson once had an affair with screenwriter, comedian, and actor Matt Lucas. The couple first met on the sets and quickly began to date. The pair began their romantic journey in September 2012. Rebel and Matt were so deeply in love that the couple started living together. The relation worked for around 3 years and thus the couple got separated in 2015. Rebel Wilson was living with Matt Lucas till 2015.

Rebel Wilson with Matt LucasRebel Wilson with Matt Lucas

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Rebel Wilson and Hugh Sheridan

Rebel Wilson broke up with producer Mickey Gooch; she is claiming that she is single. But this might not be the truth. Rebel Wilson walked down the red carpet with dashing actor Hugh Sheridan at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. Didn't it sound like Sheridan is Rebel Wilson's new date? However, Rebel Wilson and Hugh Sheridan look good and perfect with one another.

Rebel Wilson and Hugh Sheridan on red carpetRebel Wilson and Hugh Sheridan on red carpet

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