Exploring Maggie Q's Past Relationships: Who Has She Dated

Maggie Q is a talented actress, famous for her roles as Tori in the movies Divergent and The Divergent Series: Insurgent, and also as Nikita in the TV Series named after her character. She was born on May 22, 1979, in the beautiful city of Honolulu, Hawaii. Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighing 48 kilograms (106 lbs), she has a captivating presence on screen. 

Q's performances have earned her praise from audiences and critics alike, making her a respected figure in the entertainment industry. With her passion for acting and dedication to her craft, she continues to win hearts with her captivating portrayals of diverse characters. Let's take a look at her love life.

Current Relationship Status

As of now, Maggie Q is in a loving relationship, but she has chosen not to reveal the name of her partner. The two share a strong bond and are deeply in love. She has openly expressed that she makes a conscious effort not to work at night. This decision holds great importance for her as she believes in prioritizing her partner and their relationship. 

Maggie Q with her dog's SOURCE: Maggie Q Instagram @maggie

During the evenings, Q and her unidentified boyfriend make time to catch up and address any issues they may have, demonstrating their commitment to open communication and mutual understanding. With such dedication and affection, she continues to cherish and nurture her relationship, keeping it strong and meaningful.

Q Is Madly In Love With Her New Man

Q is head over heels in love with her new partner, and she can't stop gushing about him. One thing she truly admires about him is his genuine concern for her health and well-being. She feels incredibly fortunate to have someone in her life who cares so deeply about her, even more than she does for herself.

Q has this amazing ability to remind her to take care of herself and prioritize her needs. This, in turn, helps her to have more energy, love, and support to give back to him and everyone around her. Their relationship has become a beautiful journey of mutual care and affection, as they both inspire and uplift each other to be the best versions of themselves. 

Was Previously Engaged To Dylan McDermott

Before her current relationship, Q was engaged to actor Dylan McDermott. The two first crossed paths while working together on the TV series, Stalker in 2014. Their on-screen chemistry blossomed into a real-life romance, and they got engaged in 2015. However, despite their deep connection, their busy careers made it challenging for them to set a wedding date at the beginning of their relationship. 

Maggie Q's ex-fiancé, Dylan Mcdermott SOURCE: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube Channel

Despite the short time Q and McDermott had known each other, Dylan proposed just seven weeks after meeting the actress. He was smitten by her from the very start, describing her as someone who took his breath away, and he instantly knew she was his soulmate. Their love story was filled with passion and admiration, but unfortunately, after four years together, they decided to part ways. 

Did Maggie Q Cheat On Her Ex-Boyfriend, Daniel Wu?

There have been rumors and speculations about Q's past relationships, particularly concerning her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Wu. The actress and Wu were once in a relationship, and their romance was well-known in the media. However, in 2000, things took a complicated turn when she met actor Edison Chen while working together on the movie, SWAT New Mankind 2 as mentioned in an article from Min News

Chen and Q were frequently seen together and were photographed in intimate settings, leading to rumors that they were involved romantically off-screen as well. Initially, Wu didn't believe the rumors, but when a photo of the two kissing in a car emerged, he could no longer ignore the evidence. Unfortunately, this revelation led to the end of her relationship with Wu. 

In The List Of Justin Long's Long Dating History

Q holds a place in the long dating history of actor Justin Long. Their romantic involvement was first rumored in July 2007 when they were seen "making out" at a party held at the Playboy Mansion as mentioned in an article from the US Weekly. However, their relationship turned out to be brief, and they eventually decided to part ways. 

Maggie Q with her ex-partner, Justin Long SOURCE: Empire Magazine YouTube Channel

Despite the breakup, Q and Long have managed to maintain a strong friendship over the years. They have stayed on good terms and continue to support each other's lives. Their bond is so strong that they have even celebrated Thanksgiving together in the past, showing that they value each other's company and cherish the connection they share. Despite not being romantically involved anymore, they have found a special place for each other in their lives as friends.

The Actress's Other Previous Relationships

Apart from her relationship with Wu and the rumored involvement with Chen, Maggie Q has also had other notable relationships. She dated filmmaker Brett Ratner from April 2008 to August 2010. Their romance captured the attention of the public and the media during their time together. 

Before Ratner, Q was involved with actor Daniel Henney in 2005. While their relationship was relatively short-lived, they enjoyed each other's company during that period. Throughout her dating history, she has been connected to various personalities in the entertainment industry, but she has always maintained a level of privacy about her personal life. 

Not Good When It Comes To Dating

Despite being in a current relationship, Maggie Q admits that she has never been particularly good when it comes to traditional dating. She openly shares that she is not experienced in the dating scene and has never really gone on dates. Being shy plays a significant role in her approach to dating, making it challenging for her to put herself out there. 

Q has confessed that she rarely got asked out on formal dates, and as a result, she hasn't had much experience in the conventional dating world. Instead, her relationships seem to have developed more naturally and organically, allowing her to form deeper connections with people she feels comfortable around. 

While dating may not be her forte, Q has found her unique way of navigating relationships, focusing on genuine connections and meaningful interactions. The actress's honesty about her dating struggles reflects her authenticity and down-to-earth nature, which resonates with many people who may share similar feelings of shyness or hesitation when it comes to dating.

Q's Dating Perspective Changed With Time

As Maggie Q has grown and experienced various relationships, she has learned that her standards for potential partners have evolved. She acknowledges that expecting someone to match her exact mindset or life stage when they first meet is unrealistic. 

In the past, Q used to be more forceful with her beliefs, wanting others to conform to her way of living. However, she has come to realize that a gentler approach is much more effective. Instead of imposing her views on others, she now embraces understanding and patience, allowing people to be themselves and respecting their individuality. 

This shift in Q's approach to relationships has led to more meaningful connections and a deeper sense of harmony with those she cares about. Her willingness to learn and grow in her understanding of love and companionship has made her more open-minded and compassionate in her pursuit of meaningful connections with others.


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