Exploring Dana Gillespie's Love Life: Relationship Updates and Previous Partners

Dana Gillespie, a talented English actress, singer, and songwriter, is widely recognized as one of the most prominent Blues artists in the United Kingdom. Born on March 30, 1949, in the vibrant city of London, England, she has brought the magic of music to countless fans worldwide. 

Despite the spotlight on her professional life, Gillespie has chosen to embrace her relationship with music as her ultimate commitment, often mentioning that she is married to her art. While her love life might not be in the public eye, her deep connection to the world of melodies and lyrics has been a constant source of inspiration and fulfillment for her.

Never Married Anyone

Dana Gillespie has always remained dedicated to her music, even declaring that she has never entered into the institution of marriage. She playfully expresses that her heart belongs to her music, forming a bond that's even stronger than marriage. 

DanaDana Gillespie performing at Sai Baba's 84th Birthday SOURCE: YouTube

When Gillespie unveiled her 72nd album, she candidly shared that her lifelong commitment to her art might be influenced by her choice not to marry or have children. This decision has allowed her to pour her passion and energy into her musical journey, resulting in a remarkable career filled with creativity and innovation.

Used To Think About Getting Married

In an interview that offered a glimpse into her thoughts, Gillespie shared that there was a time when she contemplated the idea of marriage. She recalled her younger days, admitting that she once entertained thoughts of finding a wealthy partner and settling down, as she mentioned in an interview with The Hindustan Times. However, as time went on, her perspective shifted. 

Gillespie revealed that her path took a different direction, as she realized that her true devotion was to music. She candidly expressed that her connection with music has grown so strong that it feels like a spiritual marriage to her. With a touch of humor, she likened music to an incredibly demanding partner, more intense than a jealous husband. This realization led her to fully dedicate her life to her musical journey, acknowledging that the all-encompassing nature of her artistic passion left little room for the commitments of marriage.

Gillespie's journey is filled with surprises and accomplishments beyond her music. Notably, she showcased her versatility by becoming Britain's junior water-skiing champion for an impressive four-year stint. However, a knee injury changed the course of her path. Reflecting on the societal expectations of her time, she remarked that young women like her were often considered destined for marriage to affluent partners or pursuing higher education. Despite these norms, she boldly followed her passion for water skiing, going on to achieve the remarkable title of junior champion. 

Lost Her Virginity At A Young Age

Gillespie's life is a tapestry woven with both her musical journey and personal experiences. Notably, she shared a poignant moment of vulnerability by revealing that she lost her virginity during the same year she embraced the world of water skiing, a passion that would soon define her. She was just 13 years old at the time, as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail. This glimpse into her personal life sheds light on the complexities of her journey, where moments of intimacy and personal growth intersected with her pursuit of excellence in sports. 

DanaYoung Dana Gillespie in 'You're a Heartbreak Man' video in 1966 SOURCE: Gazely Gaze YouTube Channel

As fate would have it, that very year saw Gillespie's rapid ascent to become the British junior waterski champion, a prestigious title she held proudly for an impressive four consecutive seasons. This parallel between her personal and professional milestones paints a richer portrait of her life, one where determination, resilience, and the natural course of life intersected to shape her remarkable story.

Incredible Relationship With David Bowie

Dana Gillespie's connections in the music world stretch back to her youth, and her relationships with legendary figures like David Bowie add fascinating layers to her story. Her bond with Bowie dates back to their early years when they shared common ground and experiences that would later shape their journeys. He, during her school days, played a part in her life in unexpected ways. 

As a schoolgirl, Gillespie had the unique experience of having Bowie, not yet the iconic figure we know, assist her by carrying her books and sharing guitar wisdom. Dana vividly recalls her initial encounter with him, a snapshot of her life as a student at Francis Holland School near her family's residence in South Kensington. These personal connections paint a vivid picture of her formative years, where friendships and experiences intertwined, eventually influencing her path in music and the arts.

The Beginning Of Bowie And Gillespie Story

The beginning of the connection between Bowie and Gillespie paints a vivid picture of youthful spontaneity. She recollects a pivotal moment from her past when she was just 15 years old, standing at the back of a club. It was during this seemingly ordinary night that fate intervened in the form of a young singer, who at the time was known as David Jones. 

In a heartwarming twist of fate, Bowie approached Gillespie from behind while she was brushing her peroxide-blonde hair that cascaded down to her waist. He gently took the brush from her hand and began to comb through her hair, an unexpected yet intimate gesture. With a mix of audacity and charm, he asked if he could accompany her home that very night. Dana's response was a resounding "Yes," setting in motion a series of events that would become a part of music lore. 

The memory of Bowie and Gillespie's clandestine adventure carries with it a sense of both nostalgia and lightheartedness. As they made their way to Dana's house that evening, they faced the humorous challenge of sneaking him past her parents' watchful eyes, successfully guiding him up to the top floor without detection. They spent the night and messed around a bit.

However, as morning arrived, so did the reality of the situation. Dana found herself strategizing how to guide Bowie out of her house while circumventing her parents' awareness. The unexpected twist occurred when her parents appeared on the landing, possibly having caught wind of the events from the previous night. She has revealed that her parents were completely okay with her bringing boys to the house. 

Other Relationships

Dana Gillespie's journey through relationships adds colorful layers to her life's tapestry. Beyond her connection with Bob Dylan, she crossed paths with various notable figures. One of her romantic ventures involved dating the talented British singer Donovan, a relationship that came full circle when he played guitar for her on her inaugural recording—a folk song titled "Donna Donna." 

In the realm of music, Gillespie's heart found companionship with the likes of Keith Moon, the drummer of The Who, whose magnetic energy matched her own. The allure of musicians continued as she formed connections with iconic individuals such as Mick Ronson, the guitarist for David Bowie, and the legendary Jimmy Page. 

Gillespie's journey also brought her into moments of shared intimacy with Karis Jagger's father Mick Jagger in 1976 and Jimmy Page in 1966, adding a touch of intrigue to her life's narrative. Her story resonates with the human experience of love, connections, and the intricate threads that tie lives together.

Had A Love Affair With Bob Dylan

Dana Gillespie's connection with Bob Dylan began in her teenage years during his first tour of England in April 1965. At just 16, she managed to sneak into a press reception for CBS artists and struck up a conversation with him that lasted around 20 minutes. This chance encounter sparked a connection between them. 

BobBob Dylan performing at the Newport Folk Festival in 1964 SOURCE: Bob Dylan YouTube Channel

Encouraged by this, Gillespie took a daring step by gate-crashing a reception for Dylan at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel. This youthful escapade reflects the thrill of newfound admiration and a bold pursuit of connection. Their connection evolved into something more than a chance encounter, though Dana herself doesn't categorize it as a traditional affair. Their relationship held a unique quality, influenced by the understanding that their paths might diverge. 

Despite this uncertainty, fate intervened when Dylan returned to London in 1966. A phone call from him reignited their bond, leading to another chapter of their connection. Their time together wasn't always filled with grand gestures; often, they found joy in the simple act of conversation, spending hours engrossed in heartfelt discussions. This nuanced aspect of their relationship reflects the intimacy of a companionship built on shared thoughts and moments. 


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