Karis Jagger. daughter of Mick Jagger, close to her father despite his attempts to disown her and her mother in the past

HitBerryPublished on   16 Feb, 2016Updated on   06 May, 2021

Karis Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger, is the daughter closest to him. But did you know he once attempted to disown her and her mother in the past?

The Rolling Stones rocker openly refused to give Karis his name in the 1970s after she was born. The daughter and father duo share a bitter history of ignoring and being ignored, hating and being hated.

But despite everything that happened in the past, Karis and Jagger are now inseparable. They are one happy family and Karis is the only daughter who is there for him, both in good and harsh times. 

Karis, who is a mother of two, and her father Jagger, aged 72, share a happy and close relationship with each other. The proud granddad spends his leisure time with his two grandchildren, Mazie and Zak. And this shows that however harsh he was to Karis and her mother back in the 70s, he has already amended his mistakes and now the two are one happy father and daughter. 

Now let’s talk about how and why the famous singer disowned his eldest daughter Karis after her birth.  
Karis’ father had had an affair with her mother, model Marsha while he was still dating his then girlfriend Marianne Faithfull.

Marsha and Jagger moved in together in 1968 after his split with Faithfull. The couple decided to have a baby. And we cannot forget to mention Faithfull’s young son Nicholas with whom Jagger had built a close relationship. 

But after Karis’ birth, the father of the child changed his mind. Marsha and Jagger broke up and he quickly moved in with his former wife Bianca. After the break up, everybody had though that Jagger would accept his first child, Karis.

But instead, he turned his back and wasn’t even present during her birth. He rarely visited them and once during his visit, Jagger admitted that he never really loved Karis’ mother. 

And there was money involved! It is said that the rich musician tried to run away from his responsibilities as a father. He did not accept the decision to open a trust fund for his daughter. We can’t imagine how devastated Karis’ mother must have been then. 

Marsha later served a paternity writ on Jagger and launched a court action. After that, Jagger agreed to open a £10,000 trust fund and pay extra £500 annually for Karis’ living costs. But despite the financial settlement, Marsha was made to sign a paper that read Jagger was not Karis’ biological father. 

When Karis was 7, she and Marsha moved to America and sought help from a top lawyer in 1979 and court ruled Jagger was Karis’ father. And after the verdict was passed, Jagger was ordered to pay £1,000-a-month child support. 

And after years of abandonment, Jagger finally decided to meet his daughter when she was 12. And now, after more than three decades, Jagger and Karis have been inseparable. They have attended every important event of each other’s life including Karis’ wedding and cherish eachother.

Karis was there when Jagger was honored with a knighthood, during his father’s funeral and most importantly, she was there right beside him during his long-term girlfriend L’Wren Scott’s untimely death in 2014. She was the only person who got along well with Scott, unlike Jagger’s other children who hated her. 

And now it seems like Karis has quietly forgiven her father for the ill he did to her and her mother, which is the reason why they are together as a family.