ESPN reporter Dianna Russini gets apology from NFL Executive's wife for rude comments on Twitter

Mean Tweets apparently are the way to slander someone publically in today’s world. So much so that it is now considered to be very offensive and Twitter apologies have started to integrate into our daily lives.

The most recent Twitter controversy that has arisen is ESPN reporter Dianna Russini, who has been slandered by Jessica McCloughan, wife of the new GM of Washington Redskins.

Jessica McCloughan apparently accused the ESPN reporter of performing oral sex to get a story and cracked a joke about it on Twitter.

This resulted in great uproar from the female journalist community, who have stated the incident to be troubling and indecent and not what is expected from a lady of such high stature and influence in the society.4

Jessica and Media

Jessica has been harassed by the media and public alike for her insensitive Tweets. She also had to come up with a public apology, which proved to be a great embarrassment for her and her family.

At first she denied all such claims, but when pressured, she confessed to having tweeted the obscene text.

She later when on to delete her account so as to limit the damage the incident had caused. But that proved to be of no value as the world had already come to know about it.

The astounding impact the event exposed is that it wasn't the first time Jessica had posted mean Tweets to the alleged.

She had done this once before in the month of August and managed to get away with it, without gaining attention.

The official Redskins website immediately posted that the account which was used to send those lewd Tweets to the reporter were fake.

But Scott McCloughan, Jessica’s husband, posted shortly after the Redskins Tweet stating that “It was indeed her wife who posted such things and he apologizes on her behalf and she too will be apologizing later.

Jessica's Apologies

Jessica later apologized via a statement saying she understood that the tweets posted by her to The ESPN reporter were inappropriate and unfounded and she deeply regrets her actions.

She further apologized to the Redskins fan base for bringing on a negative impact upon them and also said “Her behavior in no way reflects the opinions and attitude of the organization”.

Later, ESPN took out a formal statement supporting the slandered reporter stating” Dianna is an exceptional reporter who should never have to be subjected to such vulgar comments”. However, ESPN has yet to formally recognize Jessica’s apology.

Dianna has been with ESPN for over three years and is one of the most popular reporters of the agency. She is known for her charismatic personality and beautiful looks.

She is comparatively taller than her counterparts and her height is 5 feet 6 inches. She is a popular figure among aspiring female journalist and can be followed on Twitter @diannaESPN.

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