American Television Host and sports reporter Kristine Leahy: Who is her boyfriend? Is she dating?

Kristine Leahy is an American sports reporter and television host mostly known for hosting NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Her fan followings are growing very steeply. It seems like they are more interested in her personal life.


A lot of rumors have been going on recently about her date with her co-star. Want to know about the love life of Kristine then I think we can provide you with something here.

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Kristine Leahy's relation with Aaron Hines

Kristine Leahy is rumored to be dating her co-star Colin Cowherd. Just because the couple was spotted enjoying the vacation together, it doesn't mean they are in a relationship.

Though she has stated that having that chemistry is so hard and her relationship with Colin Cowherd is authentic, we can pretty much guess she was talking about her hosting relation.

Kristine Leahy was seen with Aaron Hines a few months ago. So, were the couple dating? Aaron Hines is a director of training and instructor at cycle house and a professional personal trainer. He also made a special appearance in the series, Hollywood Cycle.

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Kristine Leahy and Aaron Hines were found sharing the beautiful pictures of the couple on Instagram. Sexy lady Kristine needed a personal fitness trainer so that she could maintain her beautiful body figure and look stunning. Who knew she would be dating Aaron?

She has clearly captioned a picture, Thank you love for an amazing weekend, so it brings us no confusion that these couples were dating and spent a lot of time together.

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However, not only her dating rumors her pregnancy rumors were growing very rapidly but that turned out to be false. We didn't hear anything about that from Kristine.

Not only the host of American Ninja Warrior, Kristine, shared the pictures of the couple frequently, Aaron also shared some of his moments where we can be sure that the couple was very happy dating each other. Aaron also shared his birthday picture and captioned it, ‘Thank you for making it iconic’.

Aaron Hines celebrating his birthday with Kristine Leahy

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If you take a closer look in the comment section,  you will see their friends and fans congratulating them for being a happy couple. Isn’t this love? See it for yourselves.

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Now, coming back to her recent rumor about dating co-star Colin Cowherd, we don’t have any clue as she has not broken up with Aaron. We cannot say anything until this beautiful Kristine will say all by herself.

source: Instagram