Elizabeth Hurley Shares Horrific Snaps Of Her Nephew Miles Hurley Stabbing

March 21, 2018

Elizabeth Hurley shares few horrific snaps of nephew’s Hurley stabbing asking help to find the knifemen.


Be aware the post contains graphic images of the stabbing injury.

Looks like Elizabeth Hurley will not give up until she finds answers to the stabbing and identity of those knifemen. It has been more than a week, Hurley, drawing public attention to catch the attackers.

On 8 March 2018, Miles Hurley was stabbed multiple times along with his friend from the back side on the South West London street somewhere.  Then he was quickly rushed towards hospital though the situation was not life-threatening.

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Subsequently, Elizabeth flew to the United Kingdom to her family and announced to help if any has witnessed the assailants at the crime scene.

“My 21 years old nephew has been repeatedly stabbed in a brutal attack,” she wrote on Twitter.

“This is what the knifeman did to my nephew’s back” sharing a snap on Twitter. “If you think you know who they are, please call 0203 276 2603.”

On her previous tweet on March 20, she tells some good news on knifeman. After all, this must have brought her some relief and her family.

No arrest has been announced by the police yet.