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Eden Sher, the Weed girl only likes Charlie McDermott; her middle show actor

January 23, 2018
First published on:July 24, 2016
by John

The Middle is a comedy TV-series about happenings of a dysfunctional family and how they manage to survive in a town in Indiana. The series aired since 2009 and has an IMDB rating of 7.5/10.

24-year-old Eden Sher and 26-year-old Charlie McDermott are among the main casts in the series who play the roles of each other’s siblings in the series. In real life, they seem to be really close to each other. When asked by Teen Vogue about their relationship off-screen, Eden mentioned that both of them were very much close.


Charlie and I took a dance class.

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Who is Eden Sher?

Eden Sher who currently resides in Los Angeles has been featured in numerous TV series such as Weeds, The O.C. Party Down before she played a series regular in The Middle. She began acting since she was 8 years old where she got the opportunity to act in local theaters and stage acts. She has 2 siblings and owns 3 dogs.

Eden Sher Career

According to her conversation with Co.create Eden was offered the role of Sue Heck on ABC’s The Middle 7 years ago. She did the pilot episode of the first season and eventually, the series got chosen for 13 episodes. Eden thought that if those episodes aired that would be great and fortunately, the whole season aired.

At the present, 7 seasons have been aired and the series has been renewed for the eighth season. Moreover, Eden has been nominated Critics Choice Awards for Best Comedy Supporting Actress in 2011, 2012 and 2015, Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV series in 2011 and she has won Critics Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Supporting Actress in 2013

Sher has also been involved with a project called The Emotionary which is a website created by Eden in 2013. The website basically matches two known words together to create words for real emotions.  

[ CAPTION: Emotionary - Website created by Eden Sher in 2013 ][ SOURCE: Emotionary ]

Emotionary - Website created by Eden Sher in 2013

Eden Sher talks about Maturity and Feminism

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Eden expressed the need for more young women to identify themselves as feminists. She feels that there has been somewhat a certain amount of degradation in young women. “I don’t want to sound self-righteous about feminism and youth but I just feel like there aren’t enough young people out there expressing their opinions and ideas. If more girls convey their message about feminism, others will definitely follow”, she said during the interview.

Along with her character’s maturity, Eden has also solely matured at a personal level. She has always been able to keep her core personality intact.

Eden Sher as Sue Heck in the TV series The Middle

Eden Sher and Charlie McDermott dating each other?

Sher and Charlie have been in really good terms in reel as well as real life. It has been known that Charlie is married to New Zealand born actress Beth Allen who is 6 years older than him. They were in a romantic relationship since 2010 and eventually married in 2011. The couple currently resides in New York. 


Happy Monday!

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As for Eden and Charlie, they have always had a connection with one another since they have been working for quite a long time on the sets of The Middle.

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