Actor Charlie McDermott and wife Beth Allen, who he married in 2011, expecting a baby?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Aug, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

?Charlie Mcdermott, the handsome star from T.V comedy series, The Middle who has been married to Beth Allen since 2011 may be looking forward to having a child in the near future. The 25 year old actor, who stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inch has been married to Beth for nearly 4 years. They have had a very long and enjoyable relationship. But, if rumors are to be believed, after being together for nearly half a decade, they might be trying to have a baby now.  

Charlie and Beth have a lot in common as both of them started acting at a really young age. Charlie claims that he found the 'perfect woman' in Beth. They first met in a party after a few of their mutual friends introduced them. After that meeting in 2010, they fell in love rather quickly and tied the knot the very next year in February. They have been together ever since.

Charlie Mcdermott had previously dated actress Shelby Young in 2010. Unfortunately, their relationship lasted for a really short time. Shelby Young stood 5'6 tall, with nearly equal height, and they almost made a perfect couple. They even made a couple of red carpet appearances together. But after breaking up with Shelby which came out as a bit of surprise, Charlie immediately got engaged to Beth. Since getting married to Beth, he has never set his eyes upon another woman. The couples currently reside in the city of New York, busy with their own careers. 

Beth is nearly 6 years older than Charlie. She started acting from an early age. She has acted on quite a few films and T.V series. Her lead role in the famous T.V series, The Tribe, earned her much fame. 

Charlie has also made a lot of progress in his career. His debut film, The Village, where he played the role of a 10 year old village boy was a huge success. After that film, he was offered a lead role in the T.V series Windy Acres. This was just the beginning of his career. For nearly a decade now he has acted on more than twenty movies and T.V series. His role in the comedy T.V series, The Middle made him really famous. Now people know him as Axl Heck from The Middle rather than Charlie Mcdermott.

He has amassed nearly 45,000 followers in Twitter. But he is not really active in Instagram as he has only 2,200 followers in this site. There were a couple of rumors stating that he was gay. But obviously, he is not gay as he is married to Beth. The handsome actor, well loved by fans, has made very few girlfriends in his career.

After four long years of married life, they are bound to have a child at some point. However, the couple  are saying that they are still waiting for the 'perfect time'. Charlie is just in his mid twenties whereas Beth is now getting older in her early thirties. Rumors suggest that the couple is planning a secret vacation at some point in 2016. We really hope to see their beautiful healthy babies in the near future.