Doreen Gentzler is Living Happily with Husband Bill Miller and Children

An American television news anchor of WRC-TV, Doreen Gentzler is married to the former editor and reporter of The Washington Post, Bill Miller for around three decades and still leading a happy married life.


The Journalist, Doreen Gentzler who has achieved success through her hard work in professional life also has been able to keep her relationship intact for so long. Hence, we will disclose all the about the reason for their successful marriage that has stayed the same way, for a long time. Also, know about the children of this couple.

Doreen Gentzler married Bill Miller

In WRC-TV appearance Doreen has always shown her bold and beautiful side, but when we talk about her personal life, she is very soft and nice and has maintained her personal life perfectly. Doreen has been married to Bill Miller, who also belong to the same profession as her.

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CAPTION: Doreen Gentzler with her husband Bill Miller SOURCE: Instagram

Well, we are unknown about the exact date of their wedding but it can be said that they have been married for around three decades now. After tying the knot, we have never got to hear any bad news regarding their personal life.

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Life shows us many unexpected events. Likewise, Doreen and Bill have always stayed together even if there were several backs and forth in their relationship.

Being a journalist, they don't get much time to spend together but maybe same profession and similar hardship may have made them understand each other. Despite lots of ups and downs, the pairs have been able to maintain a good relationship.

Doreen Gentzler and Bill Miller's children

Doreen and Bill are the parents of two. The pair became parents for the first time in 1991 after welcoming their first child, a son, Chris Miller. After their first child, they welcomed a baby girl, Carson in 1994.

CAPTION: Doreen Gentlezer's children: Chris and Carson SOURCE: Instagram

Both of their children have grown up and busy in focusing their career.

The family of Four enjoying quality time together

Although Doreen Gentzler is busy with her career, she is purely devoted to her family. She maintains to spend quality time with husband and children. If we go through her Instagram and other social media platforms, then all we can find is her family life.

CAPTION: Doreen Gentzler with her husband Bill Miller and children SOURCE: Instagram

While observing her Instagram, there are no any words to describe the unity in her family life. Every member of her family gives their off days and free time to each other. 

CAPTION: Doreen Gentzler with her husband Bill Miller and their children SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Doreen Gentzler with her husband Bill Miller and their children SOURCE: Instagram

We can assume how happily they are living their family life. Hope Doreen will be able to maintain same faith in her family forever.