What's TV Reporter Eun Yang Net Worth? Find out her Salary, Expensive Diamond Jewelry, and Career

HitBerryPublished on   10 Aug, 2017Updated on   10 Aug, 2017

You might know Eun Yang, I guess so. She is a Korean American news anchor and is a morning news anchor for the local NBC television WRC-TV. How many of you are familiar with Eun Yang net worth?

Today, in this particular column, we will be discussing the professional life of Eun Yang. Let's discuss to know about Eun Yang net worth, salary, and career in detail below:

What is TV Reporter Eun Yang net worth?

TV reporter Eun Yang started her professional career in the year 2000 and is still active in the field. It's been over 17 years that she actively worked as a news anchor thus she is estimated to have a huge amount.

TV Reporter Eun Yang TV Reporter Eun Yang   Source: Instagram

Actually, Eun Yang is quite secretive regarding her private life. She rarely shares her personal stuff with the media and barely appears in any function or any interview. She did not reveal the exact figure of her net worth.

However, according to some sources, Eun Yang is estimated to have around $1.3 million net worth. According to Washington Times, the average salary for a news anchor is around $83,300 and the range varies from $14,000 to maximum $875,000. It depends on the market size and other circumstances.

Eun Yang's Expensive Jewelry

While going through Eun Yang's official Instagram account, she seems to flaunt her expensive jewelry that includes her diamond rings and necklaces.

The price of her Diamond Pave Eternity Ring ranges from $2850 to $4660. She also flaunts her next Princess Cut Diamond ring and the price of Princess cut ring ranges from $12,733 to $21,540. Have a look at her expensive diamond jewelry collection:



Eun Yang shares numerous pictures of her vacations. It looks like the wealthy TV reporter is fond of traveling. According to her Instagram, she is a food lover and is a foodie. She shares numerous pictures of food that shows how foodie she is.





Eun Yang Career

While studying at the University of Maryland, she started her broadcast journalism career. Firstly, she worked as a reporter for Maryland update and later joined WUSA as a production assistant. She then joined National Geographic Channel as the correspondent for National Geographic Today.


Yang joined NBC4 as a reporter while turning down a job in New York. Now, she is known as one of the most popular news anchors from all over the world.