Donna Dixon's Married Life with husband Dan Aykroyd, living together with Children!

HitBerryPublished on   18 Oct, 2017Updated on   18 Oct, 2017

Everyone wants their marriage to last forever. Nobody gets married to someone just to get divorced a few years later. But not everyone is lucky enough to be together forever since their marriage. Today, we'll talk about a former beauty queen as well as a retired American actress who has been living a blissful life with her husband for more than three decades.

Donna Dixon who has played in several movies with her husband, she's an amazing actress, but how well did she do being a wife and a mom? Also, what’s the secret behind their long-term successful married life? Know everything in detail about her personal life today through this article.

Donna Dixon's Married Life

Donna Dixon and her beloved husband have been married for over 34 years now. Her husband is another famous actor, Dan Aykroyd. They tied the knot on 29th April back in 1983. They dated for over a year before they actually got engaged. Their love story is a 'real couple goal'. Anyone would love to be with someone with whom they can last forever.

Donna and her husband Dan Donna and her husband Dan, Source: eCF

Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd are immensely supportive towards each other and have supported each other in their career as well. They are often seen hanging out together and once were seen at the Broadway musical ‘The Little Mermaid’ at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

They started having feelings for each other when they were playing for the movie, Doctor Detroit. Later, they appeared together in movies like Twilight Zone, Spies Like Us, The Couch Trip etc.

Donna Dixon’s children

The actress together with her husband has given birth to three beautiful daughters. They welcomed their first child after six years of marriage on November 18, 1989, whose name is Danielle Alexandra. After that, their second baby entered the world on 9th of June 1993, named Belle Kingston and their last daughter’s name is Stella Irene whose birth date is 5th of April 1998.

Even though Donna is already 60 years of age, she still looks a lot younger in pictures. Donna’s relationship with her husband can be given as an example of an ‘understanding long-term relationship’. No any controversies or rumor of divorce has been able to touch them, let’s now hope that they continue being good to each other until the end of their lives.