Domenica Davis is pregnant. Who's the baby's father? Husband/boyfriend?

Off the list of hot Journalists, Domenica Davis is an Italian Beauty known for working on Fox News. This beauty has been surrounded by rumors of getting pregnant and less is know about the biological father of the baby in her womb. Let`s know about her Boyfriend/husband...


As Davis is always secretive while coming to her personal life, her millions of fans are keen to know about her pregnancy. People are dying over to know the father of her child. Let's know about her Boyfriend/husband below...

Is Domenica Davis Pregnant? 

Maybe, being pregnant does not add up to a career-oriented stunning weather news reporter. It has been whispers of tiny birds that Domenica Davis got pregnant. Moreover, she flaunts her baby bump every single time possible.

Now, she is a mother taking care of her twins children. She openly shares numerous pictures of her kids. Have a look...

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Subbing for Santa this year in Georgia. #Twins

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Adding to this, it is also presumed that her pregnancy was the reason for her low-profile engagement with Oren Saig when he found or knew that baby wasn’t his. This made her fans curious about her pregnancy and the father of the child.

Weather forecast never looks so great... Weather forecast never looks so great...   Source: ytimg

Who is the father of Domenica Davis`s child?

Only a few know about the relationship between Saig and Latino hot journalist Domenica Davis. Maybe it’s their nature of work that this needs an enclosure of personal life. We don’t know for sure who is more afraid of publicity, a producer at Sony Pictures or A meteorologist from Fox News.

But, it is for sure more problematic when a baby needs to come out, and the truth needs to be revealed.

During her pregnancy, Donenica Davis

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Maybe Davis not getting an abortion was the reason that ended their engagement? Oren Saig wasn’t the daddy? Maybe the baby got these two separated? Less is known about Davis.

We don’t know for sure, but Davis is great at her work and better at hiding these things from the media. Cheers to her commitment to professionalism putting everything besides it.

Domenica's Relationships and Affairs

Domenica Davis is one of the World`s hottest weather News reporter. It can be presumed that she wanted to become a meteorologist since the beginning of her career focusing on becoming a journalist knowing how beautiful she was.

Domenica Davis maintained a level of privacy to her personal life. There are no public announcements about her marriage or dating. But, it is believed that Davis was once engaged with Oren Saig, a producer at Sony Pictures.

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Her more information about link-ups is a secret like her age or any other personal information. For now, there are rumors that Davis was in relation with Oren Saig, and the relationship ended when he found Davis was pregnant and the child was not his.