Does Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh Have Increasing Salary and Net Worth; Career, Achievements

January 21, 2018
First Published On: January 21, 2018
by Jacob Brown

Rush Limbaugh is an American radio talk show host and conservative political commentator who currently hosts the show called The Rush Limbaugh Show. Through his hosting career, Limbaugh has won the hearts of several fans. And his fans are excited to know his net worth career and achievements. 

So, what is the actual net worth of Limbaugh? How much does he earn? If you are also searching for the relevant information then you are at the right place. Scroll down and read the whole article. 

Rush Limbaugh's Carrer 

Since his childhood, Ruch Limbaugh had a huge interest in working on radio. So in the 1970s, Limbaugh dropped from the college in order to pursue his career as a radio host. In 1972, he became a Top 40 music disc jockey on WIXZ

Limbaugh worked at several radio stations and later moved to KFBK in Sacramento. After his success at  Sacramento, Limbaugh moved to New York City and began his national radio show on August 1, 1988.

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Similarly, he also briefly worked as a pro football commentator with ESPN in 2003. Limbaugh faced a controversy and accusations of racism after he made comments about the press coverage for quarterback Donovan McNabb. So he resigned a few weeks into the 2003 NFL season. 

Furthermore, since 1984 Limbaugh regularly hosts the show called The Rush Limbaugh Show through which he gained his popularity. It is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States and is still premiered through  Premiere Networks.

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In 2016, he signed a new four-year extension contract with radio distributor iHeartMedia shortly before the 28th anniversary of The Rush Limbaugh Show

Besides his hosting career, Limbaugh is also the author of the book named Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans.

Rush Limbaugh's Earning From 2001and Net worth

In 2001, he signed a contract to host the show from 2001-2001. As per the contract, Limbaugh would earn 31.25 million every year and a total of $250,000,000.

In the same year, he also announced publically that he went completely deaf. But he gained much of his hearings with the help of cochlear implant within the same year. 

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[ SOURCE: iTunes ]

From his total earnings, Limbaugh often donates money to several charitable organizations. And further sponsors Annual Rush Limbaugh Cure-A-Thon in order to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Limbaugh donated $15,000,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as annual telethon of 2000-2005 and 2007. Similarly, in 2007, he earned a total of $33 million from the show. 

Well, he signed a $400 million contract for eight years in 2008. And the annual salary of Limbaugh in 2008 was $38,000,000. From his total earnings of that year, he donated $400,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Similarly, in 2009, Limbaugh earned the amount of $55 million. However, from his total earning, Limbaugh and his wife pledged $100,000 to MC-LEF. Well, in 2013, he earned a total of $66 million and in 2014 $66 million. 

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[ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

We can easily notice that his earning has been rapidly increased every year and in 2015, he earned a total of $79 Million.  As of 2016, the estimated net worth of Limbaugh was $470 Million and his annual salary was $79 million. 

Well, his current net worth is $500 million which is totally worth and his salary is $84 million. Limbaugh is regarded as one of the richest television and radio host. 

Rush Limbaugh's House, Cars, and Jet

67 years old popular radio host Rush Limbaugh currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida, the United States. There are five separate houses inside the compound.

Limbaugh lives in one of the mansions which contain an elevator, 12 bathrooms, and seven bedrooms along with a swimming pool and covers the area of 24000 square feet. However, other four houses are for the guests. And he further has a cat. 

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh's house ]
[ SOURCE: Justrichest ]

The current value of the house is $26-million. Similarly, in 2009, Limbaugh brought two Penthouse Apartments worth $2,700,000 as a wedding present for his wife. 

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On June 5, 2010, Limbaugh tied a knot to his three years lover Kathryn Rogers. On his wedding, he spent $1 million for entertaining the wedding guests. 

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh's Jet ]
[ SOURCE: TheWeek ]

Similarly, Limbaugh owns his personal Jet Gulfstream G550 which he brought in 2013 for $54,000,000 whose interiors and specs include armaments: CLASSIFIED.

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh's car ]
[ SOURCE: TheWeek ]

Moreover, Limbaugh often travels on his Maybach 57S worth $450,000 which he brought in 2013. He further keeps the garage full of different cars for his guests. 

Rush Limbaugh's Awards and Achievements

With his hard work, Limbaugh has is able to win many awards. In 1994, Limbaugh was made an honorary member by the  U.S. House of Representatives. He has won the  Marconi Radio Award for Syndicated Radio Personality of the Year for five times in 1992, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2014.

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh with his plaque ]
[ SOURCE: PalmBeachPost ]

In 1993, Limbaugh was named as the National Radio Hall of Fame and also National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1998. The Talkers Magazine ranked him as the greatest radio talk show host of all time in 2002. 

Limbaugh received the William F. Buckley, Jr. Award for Media Excellence on March 29, 2007, awarded by the Media Research Center. In the same way, he was announced as 2007 Man of the Year by  Human Events on January 5, 2008.

[ CAPTION: Rush Limbaugh with his Children’s Choice Book Award ]
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Moreover, he was further selected as America's one of the top ten most fascinating people of 2008 for a Barbara Walters ABC on December 1, 2008. On February 28, 2009, Limbaugh received CPAC's Defender of the Constitution Award

Furthermore, on May 14, 2012, Limbaugh was named to the Hall of Famous Missourians. He was also named  2014 Author of the Year by  Children's Book Council.