Does Kate Spade's husband Andy Spade know the reason behind her suicide?

June 7, 2018
First Published On: June 6, 2018

American fashion designer Kate Spade who passed away on June 5, 2018 nun hanging herself in her bedroom was extremely depressed in her last days of life. The reason behind her depression is because her husband, Andy Spade wanted a divorce.


It is now said that Andy Spade was not living at the family home after he and Kate separated. Andy was reported to be living in a nearby apartment.

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TMZ revealed that Andy wanted a divorce, but Kate did not want it. And now while suspecting the reason behind her suicide, people claim that the relationship failure might be the one.

What makes her suicide note possibly revealing is that she wrote a letter to her 13 years old daughter Frances Beatrix “Bea - I have always loved you. This is not your fault. Ask Daddy!

So, what does that Ask Daddy mean? Does that mean her husband, Andy knows the reason why she ended her life.

The couple got married in 1994.